"We are mobilizing our grassroots efforts to fight COLA cuts and contact Members of Congress," Hyland says. To learn more, or to take a poll, visit. For more ideas about saving on Medicare costs and stretching retirement income, request a free issue of TSCL's "The Best Ways To Save" newsletter. Send for postage and handling to: The Senior Citizens League, ATTN: BWTS, 1001 N. Fairfax St., #101, Alexandria, VA 22314..This week, members of the bicameral budget conference seemed to hit an impasse, and The Senior Citizens League announced its support for the Social Security and Medicare Lock-Box Act. In addition, two key bills gained cosponsors this week..Watch our newest video featuring TSCL's Board of Trustees as they work for our benefits in our nation's Capital..Between age 55 and 64, it's as if our body's warranty expires and.Two new cosponsors Senator Cory Booker and Senator Deb Fischer signed on to the bipartisan CREATES Act, bringing the total up to thirty in the Senate. If adopted, the bill would increase competition in the prescription drug industry by encouraging generic and biosimilar drug manufacturers to introduce their products to the market more quickly..For frequent updates on the status of the spending bill, visit our pages on Facebook or Twitter..To fix this, I've introduced the FAIR Generics Act, which would stop pay-for-delay deals once and for all. Doing so would make high-quality, lower-priced generic prescription medications available to patients sooner, thus lowering prescription drug prices in numerous cases..In a letter of support to Representative Roybal-Allard, Art Cooper Chairman of The Senior Citizens League's Board of Trustees wrote: "Our supporters nationwide question why the Medicare program has not yet been expanded to include coverage of essential hearing, vision, and dental services, which many employers provide during working years. As such, The Senior Citizens League lends its enthusiastic support to the Seniors Have Eyes, Ears, and Teeth Act, a bill that we believe would go a long way in ensuring the retirement security seniors have earned and deserve.".While that part is good news for consumers, TSCL is closely watching to see how these changes may impact Medicare Advantage premiums and emergency room co-insurance costs. And unfortunately, drug costs are likely to continue to shock us unless Congress takes action to address that next!

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The members of Congress still cling to that particular tradition even though by the time they come back to town in September they have less than a month to complete their work to fund the federal government for the new fiscal year which begins October If they were able to get their work done on time like they used to the August recess would make more sense..Email Sign-up.We are interested in hearing from our readers to learn what you think about the new Medicaid expansion. Are you benefiting from the new rules? Should there be tighter asset restrictions? Send us an email at [email protected]Continued

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What would happen if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare now that people already have purchased coverage? Will I have to repay my premium assistance subsidies? I qualified for ,456 in premium subsidies last year alone. Will plans be allowed to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions again?.Preventing the "double-dipping" of disability and unemployment benefits, since eligibility for the two programs should be mutually exclusive the DI program is for individuals who are unable to work, and the unemployment program is for individuals who can..This week, the partial federal government shutdown continued for the fifth week, and The Senior Citizens League announced its support for one new bill that would expand Medicare coverage to include essential health services. … Continued

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