The report stated that the four changes together would eliminate 113% of Social Security's projected long-term financing gap. The majority of participants, who included all income levels, and political party affiliations, preferred the package of changes. "This survey reflects similar findings to surveys conducted by TSCL," says TSCL's Executive Director Shannon Benton. We hope that this survey can serve as an outline for a plan to strengthen Social Security without having to rely on benefit cuts," she states. "We encourage our readers to share the findings of this study with your Members of Congress," Benton adds..Perhaps the most ambitious effort on behalf of the Obama administration to fight Medicare fraud, abuse, and wasteful spending is the Medicare Shared Savings Program. The program will use networks of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers that form a partnership to provide increased accountability toward savings. MSSP is administered by CMS and will aim to bring together in partnerships up to 270 physicians, specialists, hospitals, and long-term care facilities across the country to participate in the program. If effective, the program will reduce healthcare costs by eliminating wasteful and inefficient practices that could save Medicare an estimated 0 million over the next four years..In addition, according to the CBO's analysis, around 15 million fewer individuals would receive coverage through the Medicaid program, which currently covers the cost of long-term care for one in five Medicare beneficiaries. The BCRA would do away with the current Medicaid reimbursement system where the federal government matches state Medicaid expenditures and replace it with a new formula that would be tied to inflation. If costs grow more quickly than reimbursements as they are expected to, states would likely need to cut benefits, increase taxes, or restrict Medicaid eligibility..Not having enough money for retirement is a top concern shared by 64% of Americans in a recent Gallup poll, and the number is growing. Six-in-ten people worry about unexpected medical costs, and more than half worry about their ability to maintain their standard of living. No group feels these worries more acutely than retirees or people nearing retirement..This week, one new cosponsor Rep. Timothy Bishop signed on to Rep. Peter DeFazio's Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act. The cosponsor total for the bill is now up to thirty..Higher benefit costs may not be a financial choice for the majority of seniors. Half of all survey respondents report spending 11% to 33% of their Social Security benefit on healthcare costs, and another 22% reported spending 34% to 50% of their benefit. The following table illustrates how respondents answered..Economic forecasts for 2013 warn of a financial crisis ahead. Nobody is feeling it more acutely than seniors living on fixed incomes. Retirees and disabled adults won't see much of a cost-of-living adjustment increase in benefits this year. At 1.7%, the 2013 is one of the lowest ever paid, not counting 2010 and 2011 when no COLA was payable at all. Timing couldn't be worse..TSCL would like to thank Reps. Allen West, Madeleine Bordallo, Cedric Richmond, Tom Marino, and Bill Posey for taking the time to discuss the issues that are most important to our members and supporters. TSCL also met with Anna Gonzalez, Rules Associate for Rep. Alcee Hastings, and Brett Richards, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Steven Palazzo..For details, or to see if your Members of Congress will be holding town hall meetings during the summer recess, call their local offices. You can find contact information HERE.

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It is far easier for physicians than hospitals to opt out of taking Medicare patients. Most hospitals must accept them since they rely on Medicare payments to fund inpatient stays, doctor training and other functions..For more information about town hall meetings near you during the holiday recess, call the local offices of your Members of Congress. For contact information, click HERE..Some of the most talked-about plans using a "chained" consumer price index to calculate annual cost-of-living adjustments, cutting the payroll tax, and reducing benefits for people who are currently retired or nearing retirement would devastate many of the most vulnerable seniors. … Continued

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Drug and Health Plan Finders at : The only way to be sure you're getting unbiased information is to use the drug and health plan finders on the Medicare website, not from a dot com or even a dot org website, because most others receive income from ads, selling health plans or prescription drugs. Using the Drug and Health Plan Finders you can get an overview of the Part D and Medicare Advantage options in your area and estimated costs based on the prescriptions you take. Click on the Drug and Health Plan Finder link on the homepage and you will be taken to a page that will ask you a series of questions to get started. There's a Medicare Plan Finder online tutorial video to help show you what to do..Last week President Trump announced he will once again ask Congress to pass more economic stimulus legislation that he insists must include a payroll tax cut. In other words, he wants to cut the amount of money that is paid into Social Security and Medicare by today's workers the money that funds the checks sent out to those who receive payments and pays for the health care of seniors each month..I decide I better put them back on my computer desk, but first I'm going to water the flowers. … Continued

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