Years ago, drug legislation was passed that made importation of FDA approved drugs from Canada legal, but the Department of Health and Human Services secretary was required to certify the safety of the drugs. So far, no HHS secretary has been willing to do so, despite regular efforts to get importation going..During recent healthcare reform hearings, TSCL submitted a statement to the Senate HELP Committee expressing support for an emergency COLA in 20The COLA could be set high enough to cover the rise in Medicare Part B and the average rise in Part D premiums. Doing so would help prevent reductions in seniors' benefits, and a Medicare notch in premiums, and provide protection from benefits taking a big hit in buying power. TSCL believes that H.R. 3557 as introduced by Representative Walter Jones would do just that..In a letter of support, Art Cooper Chairman of The Senior Citizens League's Board of Trustees wrote: "As you know, millions of older Americans are afflicted with age-related hearing loss, low vision, and poor oral health … When left untreated, their conditions often cause much more serious injuries and health complications. But when successfully treated, the result is improved overall health and potentially lower costs for Medicare and patients.".If the Social Security COLA were based on a more accurate measure of inflation for senior citizens, next year's increase would not be 0.3 percent it would be 2.1 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do you support legislation that would base the COLA on a more accurate inflation index like the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly?.Based on projections by the Trustees, Medicare Part B premiums will likely increase by around .80 next year, so the typical beneficiary will pay 4.30 per month, up from 5.50 in 201The Senior Citizens League is currently predicting a 2020 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment of around 1.2 percent, based on Consumer Price Index data through March. If those estimates are correct, most Social Security beneficiaries will see very modest increases in their net Social Security benefits next year after Medicare Part B premiums are deducted..Virtually all low-income programs such as food stamps, rental assistance and Medicare Extra Help, come with complex eligibility rules and income restrictions that are tied to a percentage of the federal poverty level, such as 100%, 135% or 150%. If your income is right on the borderline, and you get a high COLA boost, that could potentially cause you to see trims to benefits from programs that have income restrictions. Some individuals might lose access to certain low-income benefits altogether because the COLA boosts their income over the limit..Shop your local farmers' markets, and growers. Until you've sampled just - picked local fruits and vegetables, you really haven't tasted produce at its peak. Not only will you find better quality and better tasting produce, often grown organically, you'll find better prices too, especially when there's a glut and the grower has limited storage space. August, for example, is your best time to stock up on tomatoes, beans, corn, squash, cucumbers, peppers, melons and eggplant..Remember "Flo"? In 1999 she was the blond, perky, mature lady who came onto our TV screens telling us that she was here "to tell seniors about changes that affect our medicines." She would end by saying "I don't want big government in my medicine cabinet." Flo implied that, if Medicare provided a drug benefit for seniors, it would stifle research and development of new life-saving drugs coming to market and restrict access to drugs a patient was already taking..What is TSCL?

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The survey, which was conducted from mid - January to mid-February of this year, asked the following "How has the coronavirus - caused recession affected the value of your retirement savings as of December 31, 2020?" Some 18 percent of survey participants reported that they had no retirement savings at all. Of those with retirement savings, 48 percent reported that the value of their retirement savings was still down on December 31, 2020 from the ending value on December 31, 201Thirty-one percent reported that their savings had recovered to about the same value as on December 31, 201Only 22 percent reported that their savings had increased by December 31, 2020. Of this group, only 9 percent said their savings had increased by more than 10 percent..If your brother was a victim of auto dealer fraud, you may want to look for an attorney who would be willing to work on a contingency basis. If fraud is proven, your brother may be allowed to surrender the unwanted vehicle and the court may order a refund of all payments made toward purchase in addition to canceling any outstanding loan balances. If your brother will have trouble affording an attorney, contact your local Area Agency on Aging or senior services department and ask about legal aid services in your area..Consumers in the U.S. are used to have many choices when it comes to the products we buy. Usually that is a good thing. But sometimes it creates a dilemma in deciding which is the right one to get. It turns out that the problem of choice is creating concerns about which of the vaccines against the coronavirus we should take. … Continued

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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Expand Private Medicare Plans.If signed into law, the Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act would repeal the Sustainable Growth Rate formula and set up a five-year trial period during which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would test and evaluate new payment and delivery models. It would prevent scheduled pay cuts to physicians who treat Medicare patients, and it would stabilize reimbursements throughout the trial period..If passed, the CPI-E Act would base Social Security cost of living adjustments on a consumer price index determined by the spending habits of elderly workers instead of the current formula geared toward younger members of the workforce. … Continued

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