The good news is that key members of Congress now say they will push for surprise billing legislation to be part of the next bill that deals with the coronavirus emergency..President Trump announced last week that there will be a new type of Medicare prescription drug plan that will cap insulin costs at per month for some seniors who have diabetes. While TSCL applauds that as far as it goes, it is woefully short of what is needed..Under the proposed House budget resolution, a Social Security "reform trigger" would be pulled in any year the Social Security Trustees determine the 75-year actuarial balance of the Social Security Trust Fund is in deficit. The resolution would also put any legislation on an expedited schedule for passage..ReConsumer's Union has a brochure to explain how it works..Use distributions from Roth accounts to minimize taxation of Social Security benefits. Unlike distributions from traditional IRAs and 401s, qualified distributions from Roth IRAs - those taken when you are over 59½ and the contributions were made more than five years ago - will not subject your Social Security benefits to taxation. To minimize taxation of your Social Security benefits, consider taking distribution from your Roth IRA, and let your Traditional IRA or 401 grow until you reach age 70 and a half. Once you reach that age, distributions of Traditional IRAs and 401s must start by April 1 of the year following..You get them whenever you visit a doctor, or fill a prescription - Medicare's "explanation of benefits" forms. Often perplexing, many people never review them, let alone, try to figure them out. But you might be stunned if you do, especially if you discover drugs, medical equipment, or medical services that you never received were billed to Medicare..After more than a decade of failed attempts to repeal and replace the sustainable growth rate the flawed formula that sets payment rates for doctors who treat Medicare patients Congress has finally succeeded in passing legislation to do away with it once and for all. In April, lawmakers in both the House and the Senate adopted a bipartisan bill that will permanently repeal the SGR, provide doctors with modest 0.5 percent payment updates over the next five years, and incentivize payment models that reward the coordination of medical care..Hearing aids and batteries..TSCL does not make campaign contributions because we are funded by our supporters like you, and we simply don't have the millions of dollars like drug companies do. Instead, we rely on you and your vote. Elected officials care about money, but they care even more about your vote.

Medicares Income Related Premiums Under Current Law And Changes For 2019

"The Cuts To A Major Disability Program In Trump's Budget," Jacqueline Alemany, CBS News, June 1, 2017..If the Social Security COLA were based on a more accurate measure of inflation for senior citizens, this year's increase would not have been zero it would have been around 0.6 percent according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Do you support legislation that would base the COLA on a more accurate inflation index like the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly?.About 75 million people in the U.S. are 60 and older. Recently, about four-fifths of the nation's Covid deaths have occurred in that population. … Continued

Redistricting Elections And Redistricting Office Hours

The inflation index that is currently used the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners fails to capture the inflation seniors experience because items like gasoline and electronics are given more weight than medical costs, prescription drugs, and housing expenses..Finally, one new cosponsor signed on to Rep. Allyson Schwartz's Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act this week. Rep. Bob Filner announced his support, bringing the total up to twenty-eight..The largest amounts of money come from corporate and special interest groups who want certain legislation passed or stopped. … Continued

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