Doug Osborne served in the US Air Force for 20 years. After retiring, he continued his career in the technology field using the knowledge gained during his enlistment. Doug is a lifetime member of TREThe Enlisted Association and has served on multiple committees, such as; Awards, IT, and the 5-year plan. He routinely donates his time, effort and money to the missions of TREA and The Senior Citizens League and encourages using technology to a greater degree. As the Legislative Liaison for TSCL's Board of Directors, he helps to educate seniors on various issues that strike close to home. He meets quarterly with Members of Congress and/or their staff to ensure they are aware of the concerns of TSCL supporters in their specific districts and to encourage them to support legislation that benefits senior citizens. Doug is also involved with The American Legion and, when able, Doug supports Team Rubicon on deployments. He lives in Parker, Colorado with his wife, Debbie..Rx for Medicare's Doctors' Pay Formula.In fact, Senators on both sides of the aisle praised Burwell during their speeches on the Senate floor, expressing their high hopes for her work as HHS Secretary. Sen. Mike Johanns called her "a breath of fresh air," and Sen. Rob Portman said he thinks Burwell will help the department "get its act together." In addition, Sen. Johnny Isakson stated: "I'm looking forward to having someone in [HHS] that's going to be able to answer the hard questions. I might not like the answer, but I like having somebody who has the intellect and the capability and the willingness to be communicating with the Members of Congress.".Medically necessary home remodeling. This can include ramps, making doors and hallways wider, adjusting electrical outlets, even grading exterior landscape to provide access to the house..June 2007.The rationale for both the WEP and the GPO - that the Social Security benefit formula is overly generous to these individuals and that they are reaping unintended benefits - is very hard to justify today. In fact, Social Security benefits are quite modest when compared to the national pension systems of other developed nations. The modified benefit formulas used under each of these two provisions substantially reduces the benefit that workers were counting on, but these are benefits that were earned and paid for by Social Security taxes..Medicare costs take a significant portion of retirees' Social Security benefits. A survey conducted by The Senior Citizens League found that more than 51 percent of survey participants report spending at least 6 per month on total healthcare costs and more than one in- five spend ,000 or more per month..To read our full recommendations to Congress or for more information on the recent budget deal, visit our website at..Members of Congress reached a last-minute deal to avert the Fiscal Cliff on Tuesday, temporarily preventing a combination of tax increases and automatic spending cuts from going into effect. In addition, Thursday, January 3rd marked the first day of the 113th Congress.

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The high dose vaccine contains four times the amount of antigen as a regular flu shot. It is associated with a stronger immune response following vaccination. Results from a clinical trial of more than 30,000 participants showed that adults 65 years and older who received the high dose vaccine had 24% fewer influenza illnesses as compared to those who received the standard dose flu vaccine. The high dose vaccine has been approved for use in the United States since 200Learn more about high dose flu vaccine here..If he should choose to veto the bill all bets are off as to what would happen next..We strongly recommend that you call your dad's health plan and ask for a detailed statement including dates of stays and services billed. Keep careful notes of your call. If you are still unsatisfied, you can get free one-on-one counseling through your state health insurance assistance programs that may be able to help you determine what costs should have been covered and whether you should appeal the charges. Find a program in your area here. … Continued

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If enacted, this bill will make prescription drugs more affordable and accessible to American families. It will encourage drug companies to put people before profits, not the other way around..Age doesn't matter for contributions to Roth IRAs. Regardless of your age, if you have earned wages you can contribute to a Roth IRA. While the contributions to a Roth will not lower your income for tax purposes, the money you put in will grow tax deferred without any required minimum distributions. And distributions from a Roth won't subject your Social Security benefits to taxation..Effective since 1977, the GPO prohibits retired spouses, widows, and widowers from receiving the full benefits based on his or her spouse's employment. The WEP was passed in 1983 and reduces the benefit of a retired or disabled worker who also receives a federal, state or local government annuity based on his or her earnings by up to 60 percent. … Continued

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