It would be unlikely for the vast majority of low-income beneficiaries. That's because state and federal poverty guidelines used to determine low-income are also adjusted annually for inflation, and the income thresholds would rise roughly in tandem with Social Security benefits. Currently the federal poverty level is ,880 for individuals, and ,020 for a family of two, with slightly higher amounts for Alaska and Hawaii..It's about time. At the time of its passage, the Affordable Care Act, was labeled a "Medicare" tax and sold to the public that way. Now it is needed by the Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance Trust Fund. Part A is less than five years from insolvency and faces an estimated 5 billion funding gap over the next ten years. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that this tax will raise approximately .5 billion in revenue in 2021 alone..In addition, three new cosponsors Reps. Beto O'Rourke, Ralph Hall, and Brad Sherman signed on to the Social Security Fairness Act this week, bringing the total up to ninety-eight. If signed into law, the bill would repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision two provisions that unfairly reduce the earned Social Security benefits of millions of state and local government employees each year..TSCL Endorses Two Medicare Bills.After passing The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act late last month, Congressional leaders quickly began selecting conferees to be named on the payroll tax conference committee. The bi-partisan panel will negotiate details beyond the 60-day payroll tax holiday extension and "doc fix" that will expire March 1st..Over the weekend it was announced that the Senate and the White House were able to come to an agreement about new legislation and it will be presented today. However, reports are that the GOP bill will cost about trillion while the House-passed bill has a cost of trillion. That means there will have to be major negotiations between the House and Senate once the Senate finally passes its bill..That may be okay for some, but I have had such great success. Why change to something else and put myself through all those fears again? My solution right now is to change where I purchase the medication. Canada, here I come and the devil with Medicare..The TSCL poll found seniors were closely split over the two other leading approaches to address the disability program's solvency. Forty-eight percent favored tightening Social Security's disability eligibility requirements and conducting more annual eligibility reviews to reduce fraud. Fifty-one percent favor requiring high wage earners to pay Social Security taxes on all of their incomes. "TSCL believes that the only way Congress will forge an agreement is through bipartisan efforts that use a combination of the two approaches," Cates states. What do you think about issues affecting seniors? Take a poll. Visit TSCL's website at..Access to the plans is highly variable. While some areas of the country have dozens of Medicare Advantage plans, rural counties often have very limited choices, or as little as just one insurer. Frequently, older and sicker enrollees discover that Medicare Advantage plan out-of-pocket spending due to chronic health conditions, or a hospitalization can be much higher than with a Medigap plan. Medigap supplements cover most, or even all, out of pocket costs.

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You have a face-to-face meeting with a doctor within 90 days before starting home healthcare, or 30 days after the first day you receive care..A government shut down, while causing some problems, isn't as bad as breaching the debt ceiling. That's known as a "technical default," as some government obligations won't be met on time depending on how long the stalemate lasts. The Treasury Department would have to rely on whatever cash is left on hand and daily revenue inflows..For people with incomes less than ,000, the monthly Medicare Part B premium in 2017 is 4, and Medicare Trustees expect it to stay at that amount in 201But the vast majority of retirees are paying a Part B premium that's far lower than 4 - about 0 or less - due to a special provision of law that protects Social Security benefits from reduction when Medicare Part B premiums rise more than the COLA raises benefits. … Continued

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On Monday, the White House held its Conference on Aging, which occurs once every decade with the purpose of discussing and advancing initiatives that will improve the lives of older Americans. Several members of the Obama Administration were present at Monday's event, and President Obama himself gave remarks on the challenges facing seniors today..[2] "How Much Is Enough? Out-of-Pocket Spending Among Medicare Beneficiaries: A Chartbook," Kaiser Family Foundation, July 2014..Tax Planning? Medical Expense Deduction Becomes Less Generous in 2019 … Continued

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