Watch this video to learn more about prescription drug pricing:.Why is the coronavirus so different from previous flu outbreaks?.TSCL consists of vocally active senior citizens concerned about the protection of their Social Security, Medicare, and veteran or military retiree benefits. TSCL was first established as a special project of The Retired Enlisted Association. On January 1, 1995, TSCL became an independent 501[c][4] citizens' action organization..Several lawmakers at Wednesday's hearing also asked Congressman Price whether he supports legislation like the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, which would allow HHS to negotiate prescription drug prices on behalf of Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Doing so would save the Medicare program billions of dollars annually and would reduce drug costs for older Americans. TSCL was disappointed that Congressman Price refused to answer these inquiries directly, instead expressing his commitment to ensuring that "drug pricing is reasonable.".The Republicans on the committee include: Sens. Jon Kyl, John Barrasso, and Mike Crapo ; and Reps. Tom Price, Nan Hayworth, Renee Ellmers, Dave Camp, Fred Upton, Tom Reed, Kevin Brady, and Greg Walden..Before we get into the rules for your wife, let's double-check your situation. If your wife recently stopped working, you should check your enrollment in Medicare Part B right away in order to avoid a Part B late enrollment penalty..Rural hospitals deserve the same reimbursement rates that big city hospitals receive for providing the same treatments. Patients at rural hospitals deserve the same level of care patients receive at larger hospitals. The Rural Health Care Coalition is simply asking for a level playing field the H-CARE Act does just that.."The side effects of the drug, to be sold as Aduhelm by maker Biogen, are troubling and the cost is staggering, at ,000 per year 'forever,' doctors told STAT. More than one-third of trial participants developed brain swelling and 17% to 19% had small bleeds in their brains.".Recently a journalist, familiar with my estimates of cost-of-living adjustments, contacted me for my thoughts on the topic. Did I think we were staring down rising inflation? I told him that I needed to see more data.

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Over the past year, some of the most difficult emails that TSCL received came from those of you who describe wrenching situations caused in large part by high healthcare costs and emergency needs that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather-related disasters of 2020. That has sometimes included taking in adult children and your grandchildren, and often providing financial assistance from your own savings..Please Be Careful When Using Disinfectants and Cleaners.However, pharmaceutical companies have sent in multitudes of lobbyists to stop the House Democrats bill, arguing that it would deter the creation of new drugs and lead to suffering and death. … Continued

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The high cost of healthcare and the significant cost of serious illness or dementia is climbing at one of the most rapid rates in years. Last year TSCL's annual Senior Survey found that 29% of survey respondents spent up to one-half of their Social Security benefits on healthcare costs, up from 25% the previous year. Another 18% spent more than one-half of their benefits on healthcare, up from 13% the previous year..Support Grows for CPI-E Act.TSCL's Take … Continued

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