But I was wrong..In the year you reach your full retirement age, 66 and 6 months, you may earn a little more. The Social Security Administration will deduct in benefits for every earned above a slightly higher annual exempted amount. For example, in 2021 beneficiaries who reach full retirement age may earn ,520 or ,210 per month..The Internal Revenue Service interpreted the law to allow eligible consumers to receive premium subsidies regardless of whether the exchange was run by their state or by the federal government. Challengers of the law question that interpretation, saying that the law as written clearly directs subsidies to state-run exchanges only. Health law proponents say that lawmakers fully intended that subsidies be offered on all exchanges, regardless of whether they were administered by the states or federal government..What would happen if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare now that people already have purchased coverage? Will I have to repay my premium assistance subsidies? I qualified for ,456 in premium subsidies last year alone. Will plans be allowed to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions again?.Key Prescription Drug Bill Gains Support.When asked how they responded to rising prices for meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy products, survey participants report reducing the amount that they consume of these foods and having to spend a larger portion of their budget on these items. "Most troubling of all, about 25 percent of survey participants reported they've gone without," Johnson says..Representatives Donna E. Shalala, Phil Roe, M.D., Ann McLane Kuster, and Larry Bucshon M.D. have introduced legislation to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for vaccines to everyone under Medicare. Currently, Medicare vaccine coverage is split between Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D. Seniors can access vaccines covered under Part B - such as flu, pneumonia and Hepatitis - with no out-of-pocket costs. However, under Part D, vaccines such as shingles and pertussis often include a cost to beneficiaries..TSCL's members and supporters, through various surveys and polls, have backed these policy recommendations. Together, they represent a balanced and responsible path forward for the DI program. To read the full set of policy recommendations submitted by TSCL to the Social Security Subcommittee, visit our website. To stay updated on efforts to strengthen and reform the Social Security program, follow TSCL on Facebook or Twitter..With unemployment still 5.4%, and less payroll tax revenue to finance the benefits of swelling Social Security rolls, how is the program's financing faring during our 2021 economic recovery? The Social Security Trustees are expected to soon release a much-anticipated annual report that gives us our first real glimpse of how the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affected Social Security's retirement, survivors and disability programs in 2020.

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"The switch looks deceptively small on paper," says TSCL's Executive Director Shannon Benton. "But it would have a big impact on Social Security income," she says..The “Notch” refers to a disparity in benefits that resulted when.How Much Less Do Notch Babies Receive? Recently one of our readers asked “Is there a percentage as to how much less NOTCH BABIES receive monthly?“.TSCL is pleased that lawmakers on the Senate Aging Committee are raising awareness of scams against seniors and we agree that more must be done to combat the growing issue. In the months ahead, we will advocate for legislation that would protect older Americans from financial abuse. In the meantime, we encourage our supporters to read the Aging Committee's updated Fraud Book by clicking HERE. As Chairman Collins said on Wednesday, "The more that seniors know about these scams, the less likely they are to fall victim." … Continued

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TSCL continues to work for the passage of Notch Reform legislation. Recently Representative Jo Ann Emerson, a stalwart Notch Reform advocate, re-introduced the Notch Baby Act of 201The legislation would provide additional benefit increases for Notch Baby beneficiaries who first became eligible for benefits, at age 62, from 1979 through 1988..When it comes to the future of Social Security, we have a choice: we can tell our children and grandchildren that their Social Security benefits won't be there for them because of a regressive tax that benefits the wealthy. Or, we can do what's right to make sure America's seniors and disabled citizens don't fear living in poverty. Our country is stronger when everyone can be financially independent and living with dignity, thanks to a program they paid into..Representative Dan Lipinski introduced H.R. 2787 on May 16, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Education and Labor. … Continued

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