Across the country Meals on Wheels programs are reducing the number of meals delivered to low-income seniors or shutting down altogether according to a new survey. The programs typically deliver a hot prepared meal five days a week to people over 60 who are homebound and/or unable to shop and cook, low income, or all three. Without Congressional action, the programs will be cut by about .7 million in federal funding this year due to the automatic budget cuts known as "sequester.".Under current law the Social Security COLA is calculated based on the spending patterns of younger working adults using the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. But older consumers spend a bigger portion of their household budgets on healthcare and housing, two categories that have been increasing more rapidly in recent years. "Medicare Part B premiums are the fastest growing cost most retirees will ever have," notes Johnson. "But those costs are not even surveyed under the CPI-W or reflected in today's COLA," she says..So, does your support for TSCL. We depend on you and each of our supporters to keep us in this fight. We receive no financial support from corporations or the government..To learn more, see the Medicare Publication "Are You A Hospital Inpatient or Outpatient" Publication No.1143Call Medicare at..How do they claim benefits if the law prohibits illegals from collecting?.In the days and weeks ahead, TSCL will be keeping a close eye on the evolving tax reform discussions on Capitol Hill and we will continue to advocate for policy options that would ensure the financial security of older Americans, like the three mentioned in last week's legislative update. For progress updates, visit the Legislative News section of our website or follow TSCL on Facebook or Twitter..I'm new to Medicare and recently had surgery. I've received several unexpected bills, including one for ,100 from the anesthesiologist. I thought these costs would be covered. What can I do?.CMS to Save 4.5 Billion Dollars over Ten Years.TSCL Supports New Legislation

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TSCL supports a number of bills that would tie the COLA to the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers. To learn more, visit online at..Permanent Cuts to Payroll Tax would Devastate Social Security/Medicare.There was no Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA, applied to Social Security benefits for 2011, and that may cause great concern for senior citizens and those who care for them. This will leave 54 million beneficiaries who receive a Social Security check each month without an increase. … Continued

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Well, to our surprise, it was announced last Friday that House and Senate committee leaders have struck a deal on a bipartisan fix for the problem..Sixty-two percent of American households include at least one pet. Mine includes two –both a dog and an aging cat. New advances in veterinary medicines are making expensive treatments a reality, often putting owners into an emotional and fiscally painful bind. For example, I learned that my dog with paralysis in her hind quarters from a potentially fatal spinal disc rupture had the option of getting a ,000 surgery, followed by weeks of physical therapy in a swimming tank. My cat with hyperthyroidism is receiving oral medications costing up to 0 per year including blood tests. Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, vet bills for routine annual check-ups, tests, vaccines and treatments can run about 0 per year for dogs and 5 per year for cats..The twenty-nine member budget conference seemed to reach a standstill this week. Three weeks remain before the official December 13th deadline, but House and Senate appropriators requested a top-line spending number before November 22nd the start of the week-long Thanksgiving recess and the conferees failed to deliver. … Continued

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