Here is why we say that..TSCL supports the Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act enthusiastically since it would extend the solvency of the program responsibly, without cutting benefits for seniors. We look forward to working closely with Senator Hirono and Congressman Deutch in the months ahead to help build support for their important new bill..Disabled survivors benefits for a spouse and/or divorced spouse based on the deceased account..But the financial impact of immigration reform on Social Security remains in question. As of June 30, 2013, no government estimate of the long-term impact on Social Security has been made public. It is not yet known whether the House bill will contain similar provisions to protect Social Security..The House of Representatives returned from break this week and the Senate will follow suit beginning next week. New co-sponsors have been added to two key bills, and the effort to repeal the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program moves one step closer.."The Earnings Suspense File isn't getting enough attention from Congress," says TSCL Chairman, Ed Cates. "Wages are an important indicator of the extra costs associated with immigration reform," Cates notes. Wage records are used to determine both the number of quarters worked to qualify for Social Security, and to calculate the initial benefit. The wages represented by the Earnings Suspense File would potentially form a portion of Social Security benefits for undocumented workers who later gain legal status..Obesity and diseases related to it, such as diabetes, have also been shown to be high risk factors for negative outcomes for those who contract the coronavirus..Stay Informed and Sign up for the TSCL Newsletter.In a recent Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill questioned medical and pharmaceutical industry leaders about the financial relationship between physicians and drug companies. Pharmaceutical companies currently spend billions of dollars annually 90 percent of their marketing program on gifts, lunches, drug samples, and sponsorships of education programs for doctors without any form of public disclosure, leading many to question whether economic incentives provided by the industry cloud physicians' judgment and put profits ahead of patients.

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TSCL knows how crucial they are, and we pledge to keep fighting on your behalf. But your calls and emails to your Senators and Representatives on these issues that we write about are very important and can make a real difference..The plan would affect both current and future Medicare beneficiaries by carving Medicare into two systems. People who already receive Medicare would continue under the current system. People who turn 65 by 2021 would receive a voucher to purchase private insurance..TSCL is working with Members of Congress for enactment of legislation in both the House and Senate that would require Medicare to negotiate drug prices on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries. Recently TSCL launched a nationwide grassroots effort to urging Americans to contact Members of Congress to protest how big drug companies are getting away with steep prices on drugs, and to urge them to enact legislation that would make Medicare responsible for negotiating drug prices. Join the effort, sign our petition! … Continued

Medicaid Report Medicaid And Chip Eligibility Enrollment Renewal And Cost Sharing Policies As Of January 2016 Findings From A 50 State Survey

Majority Of Retirees Would Raid Savings Or Borrow For Financial Emergencies Says New Poll By The Senior Citizens League.TSCL believes that Medicare healthcare costs already cause many beneficiaries to shoulder a heavy financial burden in retirement. Cutting Medicare benefits, while shifting more costs to beneficiaries, would be the wrong way to strengthen program financing..In addition, the Senate sometimes holds pro-forma sessions during recess periods to prevent the president from making recess appointments. This is apparently why the Senate remains in the pro-forma session since the House is also out of session. The Senate has the Constitutional responsibility to confirm certain appointments of the President but President Trump has made many appointments at other times when the Senate has been in recess and there are many "acting" secretaries, assistant secretaries and other officials of various departments and agencies serving without Senate confirmation. … Continued

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