Although the bill applies to children, TSCL is concerned that the DREAM Act is a back-door approach to a much wider amnesty that would have an enormous impact on the financial solvency of Social Security and Medicare. Under current policy, immigrants who become U. S. citizens, as young people under the DREAM Act would, may file a petition for green cards to allow their immediate relatives to legally immigrate to the U.S. Relatives who qualify immediately for a visa are spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents. Once the parents receive the green cards they can legally apply for work authorization, and renew it annually..TSCL is working hard for legislation that would lift the taxable maximum cap, expand Social Security by boosting retirement benefits and provide greater retirement security by using a "seniors" consumer price index, the CPI-E, to determine the annual COLA. To learn more, visit..What other ways would I be affected by this Chained COLA?.Whether or not appropriators will successfully negotiate an omnibus spending bill before December 11th remains to be seen. If Congress fails to reach an agreement, the federal government will shut down, and Social Security beneficiaries could see delays in their monthly benefit checks. In addition, doctors who treat Medicare patients and other medical providers could experience delayed reimbursements from the government..Increasing the payroll tax rate gradually by around 1 percent for both workers and employers. Doing so would amount to an additional 50 cents per week for the average American worker an amount that TSCL feels is reasonable..The 30 percent who are not protected by hold harmless include:.Adding a mortgage once you've retired adds a big monthly expense and it's a decision that you may want to discuss with an independent financial advisor..As I head toward the kitchen with the soda, a vase of flowers on the window ledge catches my eye--they need water..Said TSCL Chairman Ralph McCutchen, "We've gotten much accomplished this trip and received plenty of good news as far as getting more support for our concerns. We were able to show the Members of Congress we met with that living proof of the Notch does exist and reform is needed sooner rather than later."

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An intense battle over Social Security is brewing and TSCL is gearing up for major Congressional action. Recently retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan waded back into the fray to tell Congress "Our choices right now are not between good and better; they're between bad and worse. The problem we now face is the most extraordinary financial crisis that I have ever seen or read about. Irrespective of what you say should be done on the tax side, you still have to cut some benefits on the expenditure side." The statement is chilling considering Greenspan oversaw the largest single overhaul of the program in history, chairing the National Commission on Social Security Reform in the early 1980's..Members of Congress Support Key Legislation.Many enrollees in traditional Medicare have purchased a supplemental Medigap policy that covers the out - of - pocket expenses of Part B. Premiums for those policies could also rise as insurers anticipate higher outlays for costs associated with Aduhelm. On the other hand, out - of - pocket costs would be the big cost issue for enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans. According to experts at Kaiser Family Foundation, 500 thousand patients taking Aduhelm could add about per month to the Medicare Part B premium, which in 2021 is 8.50 for most beneficiaries, to as much as 5 a month for higher income beneficiaries who pay a surtax on their premium. … Continued

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The resolution introduced by Rep. Rigell expresses a commitment to two critical issues facing seniors, and TSCL was pleased to lend its support to it this week..When the Social Security Administration receives wage reports from employers with Social Security numbers and names that don't match those on file, the reports go into an Earnings Suspense File until they can be reconciled with the rightful owner -- which can occur years later when an application for benefits is received. Over the past ten years for which data is available the Social Security Administration has received, on average, more than 9.5 million suspicious wage reports annually representing more than billion per year in wages. "And it's the wages that are used to determine benefits, not the amount of taxes paid in," Hyland notes..In the meantime, Senators have been advised they will be given 24 hours' notice to return to Washington if somehow agreement can be reached on a new economic relief bill. But any Senator has the power to block that from happening and it is estimated there are about 20 Republicans in the Senate who believe the federal government has done enough regarding the coronavirus. … Continued

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