On Wednesday, with a vote of 236-191, lawmakers in the House passed a .7 billion spending bill that would fund DHS through the remainder of the fiscal year. They also passed five amendments to the bill that would address President Obama's recent immigration orders..My husband passed away on March 31st. I was told that I have to return his entire Social Security payment for the month of March. Can this be true? This is an unfair and callous policy. Bills were incurred during the days that he was alive. Returning the check creates a financial hardship since every bit of it was spent on his healthcare, not to mention the costs of his funeral!.Stay Informed and Sign up for the TSCL Newsletter.averages about ,350 per month. But even people who receive care at home spend.In her new role as CMS administrator, Verma will report to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who has authored several Medicare reform plans in recent years. His proposals would increase the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 while adopting a "premium support" model, where beneficiaries would be given vouchers from the federal government to purchase private health insurance..On the other hand, the standard deduction for 2020 has increased slightly and is ,800 for married couples filing jointly. In addition, if both you and your spouse are age 65 and older you add an extra ,300 to the standard deduction for a total standard deduction ,100. That means your total itemized deductions will need to be higher than ,100..All of this adds up to less money for retirement, and greater dependence on Social Security as insurance against retirement savings that are so closely tied to the value of equities and housing. "This situation was caused by COVID-19 and illustrates why Congress needs to strengthen Social Security and Medicare benefits," Johnson says. The Senior Citizens League supports legislation that would boost Social Security benefits for all retirees and supports legislation that would lower Medicare costs..When a pharmaceutical industry leader attempted to avoid questions about the pharmaceutical company representative buying alcohol for doctors, McCaskill pressed them for a yes-or-no answer. Ultimately, she admitted there were no rules to prohibit this from taking place, and defended the industry as simply trying to communicate information about prescription medications..TSCL encourages its members and supporters to attend these events and to ask questions of their elected officials about important Social Security and Medicare issues, like the following four…

The Canvass May 2013

"Medicare And The Federal Budget, Comparison of Medicare Provisions," Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2013..According to Politico, "At least 10 caucus moderates are signaling opposition to Democrats' drug pricing negotiation bill - more than enough to potentially force House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into dropping the reforms from [President Biden's] infrastructure legislation Democrats hope to pass along party lines. Pelosi can only spare two Democratic defections on partisan legislation because of the party's slim House majority.".Some home healthcare can be deductible. In order for home healthcare expenses to be deductible, those who require the care must be unable to perform two or more of six activities of daily living and have a plan of care from a physician that specifies help with these tasks. … Continued

Minnesota Hospitals Need Your Blood

If signed into law, the Improving Care for Vulnerable Older Citizens through Workforce Advancement Act would create six different demonstration projects that focus on the coordination of care and the delivery of medical services to elderly patients with chronic illnesses. The projects would design and test new models of care coordination, and direct-care workers would be granted opportunities to advance their careers through additional training, increased compensation, and expanded roles..Senate Fails to Advance Health Reform Legislation.At age 62, Susan Gross of Barboursville, Virginia, is nearing retirement age, but has no plans to stop working yet. High prescription costs and the need to provide care for a disabled adult son and her 90 - year old mother are other major reasons. With her rheumatoid arthritis medication, Humira, costing ,900 a month, both Susan and her husband continue to work full time. Susan is dependent on the health insurance coverage available through her husband's employer to help her afford her medications. … Continued

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