Here are some other deductions you might be able to itemize:.On Monday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released its highly-anticipated report analyzing the AHCA legislation from Republican lawmakers that would replace the Affordable Care Act if signed into law..On Monday, a group of three Senators Amy Klobuchar, John McCain, and Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the White House urging the administration to utilize its executive power to reduce prescription drug costs..Many seniors in our community struggle month to month to make ends meet on budgets that just can't cover today's high cost of living. Today's troubled economy is leaving the elderly in a financial pinch, particularly since a large majority of senior citizens rely on Social Security benefits as their main source of income..To learn more about important issues affecting seniors, to sign a petition to Congress, or to find contact information or your Members of Congress, please visit the ACTION CENTER of our website..Bipartisan legislation before the House and Senate would repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset benefit reductions so that millions of retired teachers and police officers receive the Social Security benefits they have earned and deserve. Will you cosponsor the Social Security Fairness Act when you return to Washington?.Rep. Charles Gonzalez introduced this bill on January 26, 201It has since been referred to the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security and to the Committee on Education and the Workforce..The study examined the increase in costs of 39 key items between 2000 and January 201The items were chosen because they are typical of the costs of most Social Security recipients, and include expenditures like Medicare Part B premium, that are not measured by the index currently used to calculate the COLA. Of the 39 items analyzed, 26 increased faster than the COLA over the same period. "This study illustrates why Congress should enact legislation to provide a more fair and adequate COLA," says The Senior Citizens' Executive Director, Shannon Benton. "To put it in perspective, for every 0 worth of groceries a retiree household could afford in 2000, they can only buy worth today," Benton adds..What are the 10 fastest growing costs for older Social Security recipients? See the list here

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"But the evidence on whether Biogen's treatment, called aducanumab, is effective is, at best, mixed; the FDA approved it this week over the objections of its own advisory committee. And with a preliminary announced price of nearly ,000 annually per patient, covering the treatment could cost upward of 0 billion a year, mostly to Medicare, which would almost double the program's drug spending. Patients themselves could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.".Petition to Congress: No Budget Deal that Sells Out America's Seniors.The report, which was published in the medical journal Heart, also notes that the more you eat, the greater your risk, with each additional weekly serving of a half-cup of fried food increasing that risk by 3 percent. … Continued

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With it being such a contentious election year, Congress enacted legislation to limit that jump in Part B which could be made even worse because the COLAs of so many beneficiaries would not be high enough to cover the full amount of the increase..Someone has left it on the kitchen table..The video features the six members of The Senior Citizens League's Board of Trustees, as well as a few members of Congress. … Continued

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