For more information on the Social Security Fairness Act, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website. To stay updated on its progress in Congress, follow TSCL on Facebook or Twitter..View TSCL's entire plan for fixing the Social Security Disability Insurance program..lucky enough to be in the middle of the fall Part D Open Enrollment period,.Under the new policy, illegal immigrants younger than 30 years old, who came to the United States before the age of 16, will be allowed to remain in the country without risk of deportation and to get work permits if they have been law-abiding and meet certain requirements. Although the policy does not grant legal status, work authorization would provide access to Social Security numbers..There's no doubt Democratic lawmakers would like to do these things because they campaigned on them last year and this would be the last chance to pass them this year. Because next year is an election year it is very unlikely any significant progress would be made then..Medicare has begun a major program change that affects diabetics who get supplies home delivered and other seniors who rent medical equipment like home oxygen gear and wheel chairs. The program is intended to help seniors save money when they buy supplies and rent equipment, but TSCL believes it is more likely to first cause confusion and surprise unanticipated costs until patients figure out the new system.."Given that conditions like Alzheimer's disease are defined mainly by memory problems, our results may lead to further insight into what causes symptoms and the development of new interventions for prevention. Since silent strokes and the volume of the hippocampus appeared to be associated with memory loss separately in our study, our results also support stroke prevention as a means for staving off memory problems," said Brickman.."It's highly disturbing that such a large number of survey participants have been forced to access food pantries," Johnson says. "This illustrates the dire situation faced by households of those who depend on Social Security for most of their income when food prices jump into overdrive," she says. "Over the past 12 months, the price of bacon is up 11 percent, beef up 10.6 percent and fresh fish up 8.5 percent" Johnson notes..Therefore, they are considering using the "reconciliation" process because they would only need 51 votes. But if they do that, legislation passed over ten years ago dictates that they must either raise taxes or cut spending on current programs to pay for the new spending in the President's bill.

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Many in Congress talk about the need to "strengthen Social Security," but few offer proposals that would both improve program financing and at the same time improve retirement income. We encourage you to attend town halls this summer and to tell your Members of Congress that Social Security's solvency doesn't require benefit cuts. What Social Security needs is greater tax fairness and requiring all to pay their fair share..We strongly recommend that you call your dad's health plan and ask for a detailed statement including dates of stays and services billed. Keep careful notes of your call. If you are still unsatisfied, you can get free one-on-one counseling through your state health insurance assistance programs that may be able to help you determine what costs should have been covered and whether you should appeal the charges. Find a program in your area here..A question to ask yourself is how long you plan to stay in the home, and how many years remain on your current mortgage. If your current mortgage only has 10 or 15 years left to go, refinancing is likely to result in higher lifetime interest costs. When you get a new loan, most of the charges in the early years go towards interest costs. But if you only have a few years left on your current loan, you have moved past that stage and are making progress toward paying off your loan balance. If you refinance now, you start over from scratch. … Continued

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But according to a report in Politco last week, "… the administration's Medicare team has put together a revised plan - which was circulated inside the administration on Tuesday, with instructions to expedite approval - to start sending letters to 39 million beneficiaries within the next week, touting the drug-discount cards. The cards would then arrive across December and January, according to four officials with knowledge of the plan.".or favorite hobby into a sideline business, or offer your expertise as a.TSCL strongly believes the Social Security COLA that seniors currently receive does not accurately reflect how they must spend their money. We estimate that a senior who retired with average benefits in 1984 would have received ,723.16 more through 2011 had the CPI-E been used. TSCL is very supportive of the CPI-E Act, and we were pleased to see support grow for it this week. … Continued

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