In a controversial political maneuver, Members of the House passed a bill on Friday that would keep federal agencies funded through December 15th, but withdraw spending for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The bill is now in the hands of the Senate, where leaders will likely attempt to strip it of the language that defunds the health care law. When asked how he plans to move forward with the House bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said: "Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead. It's a waste of time." The bill has also received numerous veto threats from the White House..To contact Social Security, you may call toll free at or visit the website at..Outdoor improvements. First impressions are important to getting buyers through the door. The grounds and exterior of your home need to be in good condition including the siding, landscaping and any wooden deck or patio area. Resurface cracked driveways or sidewalks..The plan includes fostering international cooperation and promoting research and development that establishes innovative manufacturing processes and production technologies to strengthen supply chain resilience.TSCL believes that Medicare healthcare costs already cause many beneficiaries to shoulder a heavy financial burden in retirement. Cutting Medicare benefits, while shifting more costs to beneficiaries, would be the wrong way to strengthen program financing.."Even one year of high health costs, like being hospitalized for surgery, could force most seniors to spend through their savings faster, or go into debt," says TSCL Chairman, Ed Cates. "Most retirees are dealing with fragile fiscal safety nets," he says. "What makes this finding so significant is that most Medicare health plans have annual out-of-pocket maximums that exceed ,000," Cates adds..The Democrats on the committee include: Sens. Max Baucus, Ben Cardin, Bob Casey Jr., and Jack Reed ; and Reps. Xavier Becerra, Sander Levin, Allyson Schwartz, Chris Van Hollen and Henry Waxman..By working longer, you may have access to employer-provided health.Trustees Release Annual Social Security and Medicare Reports

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Earlier this fall, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected that home-heating fuels would cost about 20 percent more during the upcoming heating season, but the most recent Consumer Price Index data from October 2017 through October 2018, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicates that heating-fuel costs appear to be climbing even faster and are now 26.2 percent higher than October 2017..Such a minimum guarantee would go a long way to protect beneficiaries in years when there is no COLA. Had such a 3% minimum COLA guarantee been in effect since 2009, the average benefit of ,075 in 2009 would be 5 per month/ ,580 year higher today - about 18%. A minimum COLA would also eliminate the problem of benefits remaining flat for years, at a time during periods when Medicare Part B premiums increase more than the COLA raises benefits..Compare generic costs: You sometimes pay more for common generics using your drug plan, than you would simply by visiting a pharmacy with generic program. Compare the costs first. If the generic saves you money over your normal co-pay, put your drug plan card away and shop at the discount pharmacy. Save your coverage for more expensive prescriptions. … Continued

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According to Michael Astrue, the Commissioner of Social Security, the report "contains troubling, but not unexpected, projections about Social Security's finances." Income including interest to the combined OASDI Trust Funds totaled 5 billion in 2011, while total expenditures amounted to 6 billion. Non-interest income fell below program costs, however, and should continue to do so through the remainder of the 75-year period. The Trustees estimated that 158 million people paid Social Security payroll taxes in 2011, while approximately 55 million collected Social Security benefits..Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduced S. 1904 on July 30, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Finance..TSCL Members and Supporters: … Continued

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