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Sharing Hands first annual Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser a Success

On October 26th, Sharing Hands hosted their first Chili Cook-Off and Auction fundraiser. The attendees grew as the night went on. The $5.00 price of admission got them a taste of all the contender's chili, a bowl of chili, and cornbread. All the optional toppings were available as well. There was also a silent auction, dessert auction, and a raffle. Auctioneer, Shannon Duffy made the dessert auction very entertaining, Shannon's energetic enthusiasm helped contribute to the success of the auction. Members of the Calapooia Food Alliance offered their home made apple cider available for sale. Several great decorative items were available at the silent auction. They also had a puppet show at various times during the event. There were 15 competitors in the chili competition. There was a tie for second and third place, which was Pastor Kelly and Mike Neddeau. The overall first place winner was Linda Thornbrough. Congrats to all three of you!

Sharing Hands Executive Director, Debra Gruell has already confirmed that this event will go on again next year. "So many people enjoyed the event, and said that they couldn't wait until next year. Deb also wishes to express her appreciation to those who helped make this event the success that it is.


Photos by Lance Wilson

RC Crawler Competition at McKercher Park

On Sunday, October 20th the ORCRC (Oregon Rock Crawling Remote Control) held a miniature 4WD rock crawling event at McArcher Park. Participants at this event experience the fun and thrill of 4WD rock crawling at a much safer level with a-lot less environmental impact than a full size rock crawler.

“We go to different areas with mono rock like [McArcher Park] and we have competitions. We set up gates like you see with the miniature cones that mark the course. The little trucks travel through the gates as cleanly as they can without tipping or rolling over. If your car does roll down the hill, you are safe, because you are not actually in [the rock crawler]. It’s like a game of golf, where you go outside the gates adds points and if you stay cleanly within the boundries you get point deductions. You just try to get as low of a score at the end of the day,” Says Tim Christenson event organizer. Tim and a couple other event officials set up the course and choose the designated lanes of travel. They use chalk to draw arrows and set up a perimeter to guide where the trucks need to go. The drivers are also judged on how fast they can go through the courses. There are multiple ways to go through each gate, depending on the terrain. It could be difficult but faster one way and less difficult but slower on another.

This is the second year that they have actually been to McArcher Park. This event is part of a six month competition series, and this one is number five. These events accur once a month. Nothing is scheduled for December, because of the holidays. Tim explains further, “We go to Lebanon Dam, Waterloo Park, Jordan Bridge [what they call Broken Dam], Salmon Falls, on the lake bed at Detroit, and sometimes even in the snow.”

The trucks are waterproof and fully articulated with all tires driven. They are run by electric motors (both brushed and brushless), with Lipo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries. Setup costs are much more affordable than a life size rock crawler. The basic (out of the box) trucks can come complete with a radio starting at about $320.00 to about $500.00. There are people that will customize their trucks to express their own individuality with the scale components like winches, extra axles, and specific suspension upgrades. Customizing can bring the cost upwards of $1000.00 easily. You can run these scale trucks many more places than the real crawlers, as well. This is a fun hobby for all ages, and can be an activity for the whole family.

“Another goal with each event we hold is to leave the location of each event just the way we (if not better) than we found it. If we find trash here, we pick it up. We also leave no sign of what we did here,” also says Tim.


Photos by Lance Wilson