you have assets exceeding million, you should be able to pay for care."New Alzheimer's Drug Clouds Outlook For Medicare Premiums Next Year," Mark Miller, Reuters, July 12, 202"How Everyone On Medicare Could End Up Paying For The Pricey New Alzheimer's Drug," July 10, 202"Medicare Evaluating Coverage for ,000 Alzheimer's Drug," Ricardo Alonso Zaldivar, Matthew Perrone, The Associated Press, July 13, 2021..Give it a fresh coat of paint. Paint not only looks good, it can help cover other problems - like water damage, smoke stains, and scuffs that have accumulated over the years. It's especially important to make repairs of holes in the wall, deal with mold in bathrooms, basements and closets, and to get rid of wallpaper. Use light-colored neutral tones that blend well with everything. It's also important to paint or power wash the exterior of your home. If you worry about your painting skills, or the amount of time you have to do the job, hire a professional - a bad job can do more harm than good..everything just crashes. By the time we turn 65 and eligible for Medicare,.Under traditional Medicare with Medigap, you have greater freedom to select providers and to travel and still get coverage. Medigap is the better choice for people who divide their time between homes in two different states, or who like to travel outside the U.S. Several Medigap plans cover foreign travel emergencies. On the other hand under many Medicare Advantage plans, you would need to follow your plan rules to get in-network care and would be more limited to specific geographic areas. If you join a Medicare HMO and then have a medical emergency in other part of the country where your plan does not operate you would foot 100% of the medical bill..TSCL believes Congress will need to make some difficult spending cut decisions, and soon, in order to find the savings needed to address Medicare shortfalls, while ensuring access to doctors and adequate Medicare coverage without reducing benefits. Notch Babies who turn 85 to 94 this year are hit particularly hard because they are at the age when they are more likely to have chronic health conditions that require costly treatment..Rather than get into all the details of how this works, we will simplify it this way. The Democrats now have the majority in the Senate because Vice President Harris can break tie votes, giving a majority vote of 51 to the Democrats..On Friday, SSA announced that Social Security benefits will increase by 2% percent beginning in January 201While the 2018 cost-of-living adjustment is the largest increase in five years, it continues a trend of abnormally low benefit growth..The term "Notch" refers to the disparity in Social Security benefits paid to people born from 1917 through 1926 and those paid to people born before and after them with similar work/earnings records. Many of those born during the Notch period feel they have not been treated fairly and are not receiving the benefits that Congress intended. On the other hand, the Social Security Administration, some government officials, and the AARP say that those born during the Notch period are treated fairly and receiving the benefits that Congress intended. The SSA and the AARP say that Social Security does not promise a specific amount of benefits, rather Social Security is designed to replace a certain percentage of pre-retirement earnings. Who is correct?

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Medicare Advantage enrollees have certain protections under a declared emergency. During the period of the declared emergency, Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover services at out-of-network facilities, or out-of-network providers that participate in Medicare, and charge no more than they would pay if they had received care at an in-network facility or provider. That said, it's much less clear how billing from out-of-network providers will be handled as declared state and national emergencies are lifted. As COVID-19 cases have increased, some states have found the need to bring in emergency nursing and professional staff when hospitals have reached capacity, so the chance is higher that an out-of-network provider was involved in your father's care..If that's so why hasn't anybody done it yet? The options Congress has to address the debt are dwindling and the choices that are left are wrenching..Addressing prescription drug prices is also one of my top priorities as Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The Committee launched a comprehensive investigation of the prescription drug industry's pricing practices in January of this year, focusing on the drugs that are the costliest to Medicare. In January I convened the Committee's first hearing of the 116th Congress on this topic, inviting AARP's National Volunteer President to testify about the challenges seniors face in affording their drugs. … Continued

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What you can do: Send a letter, email or fax to your Senators and Representative..One of the biggest items in the news last week that is of interest to so many seniors is about a new drug, which will be marketed as Aduhelm, related to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. We are not doctors or scientists so we thought we would relay to you some of the information we have seen about this new drug..But with low growth in Social Security benefits, rapidly growing healthcare costs, and more people living longer in retirement, that argument has little support among the public. A March 2016, Pew Research survey found that 71% of Americans believe benefits "should not be reduced" while only 26% say that "cuts should be considered." … Continued

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