Yet even a "limited approach" like this one could create huge new long-term costs for Social Security and Medicare. Citizenship is not a requirement to claim Social Security benefits. Work authorization, like the type under discussion in the House, is all that immigrants would need to at some point file claims..No: 70%.Another major piece of legislation that Congress is working on, one which has been passed and been signed into law by whomever has been President for the past 59 years, is the National Defense Authorization Act. As we explained last week, that's the annual bill that authorizes the pay for members of the U.S. military as well as other important issues dealing with the Department of Defense..When the Social Security Administration receives wage reports from employers with Social Security numbers and names that don't match those on file, the reports go into an Earnings Suspense File until they can be reconciled with the rightful owner -- which can occur years later when an application for benefits is received. Over the past ten years for which data is available the Social Security Administration has received, on average, more than 9.5 million suspicious wage reports annually representing more than billion per year in wages. "And it's the wages that are used to determine benefits, not the amount of taxes paid in," Hyland notes..The following Members of Congress, among many others, will be holding town hall meetings next week: Sen. Jerry Moran, Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Karen Bass, Rep. Diana DeGette, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Tom McClintock, Rep. Chris Stewart, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, and Rep. Tom Emmer..It also seems to be a more severe flu strain than the seasonal flu which means more people require greater medical care. For most people this flu is survivable but without the extra medical care that someone might normally need they may succumb to it..Medicare is trying to nudge people towards using less expensive older drugs, as this story describes. Most of us jump at the chance to lower our drug costs whenever we can, but sometimes the alternative may not work as well. If this happens to you, I strongly suggest that you take the letter from Medicare and show it to your doctor. I'm willing to bet your doctor won't be pleased to see Medicare "prescribing" other drugs for his or her patients..With Medicare outlays spiraling due to outlays for COVID-19, Congress recently passed legislation to head off an expected Part B premium spike, by restricting the increase for 202TSCL has been warning about the potential of a low cost of living adjustment and spiking Medicare premiums since July of this year..Leadership Elections Kick Off "Lame Duck" Session

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Increasing the payroll tax rate. Survey results have also shown strong support for a gradual increase in the payroll tax rate from 6.2% to 7.4%. An increase of that size would amount to an extra 50 cents per week for the average worker an amount that most feel is fair and practical.."Implications of the Payroll Tax Holiday for Social Security," National Academy of Social Insurance, April 201"'Temporary' tax cuts plentiful, and often long term," USA Today, December 8, 2011..I take my checkbook off the table, and see that there is only 1 check left. … Continued

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"I make no apologies. These very, very popular entitlement programs at some point are gonna have to be adjusted."."At the time of enactment, The Congressional Quarterly referred to this revenue change as 'taxing the benefits of high-income recipients'" says Johnson, citing the publication's summaries of major Social Security changes from 1983-198Social Security's archives state that "Congress intended that the taxation of benefits should not affect 'lower income' individuals." The revenues from the tax on Social Security benefits are credited to the Social Security and Medicare trust funds and provide a growing share of the programs' financing..Medicaid, the state and federal program that provides healthcare for low-income Americans, is undergoing a massive expansion with the start of the Affordable Care Act. The fairness of that expansion for seniors is drawing closer scrutiny from TSCL. … Continued

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