Calling it an "economic imperative," President Obama continues to call for comprehensive immigration reform that would provide a path to legal status for illegal immigrants. A day after the President outlined his plan in a speech on the border with Mexico, immigration reform legislation known as the "DREAM Act" was reintroduced in the Senate..job..High premiums don't necessarily purchase better coverage. The generic blood pressure medication, Lisinopril, is one of the most commonly used prescriptions by Medicare beneficiaries. The least expensive Part D plan charges "The measure would generally limit surprise billing in the following circumstances:.Following the vote, Congressman Phil Roe the bill's sponsor said: "After practicing medicine for more than 30 years, I can tell you that no two patients are the same; that different approaches are required for different needs. IPAB is blind to this fact and will ration seniors' access to care through one-size-fits-all payment policies. We can do better, and it's time to go back to the drawing board.".The CBO option would change the taxation of Social Security to be more like distributions from defined benefit pension plans. Those distributions are fully taxable except for the portion that represents the recovery of "basis," or what an employee paid in - that is, his or her after-tax contributions to the plan. Once the recipient has recovered his or her entire "basis" all subsequent pension distributions are fully taxed..The change looks so small. I've read that it would cut benefits just.03 of a percentage point..a modest boost in benefits,.If signed into law, the Medicare Physician Payment Innovation Act would repeal the Sustainable Growth Rate formula and set up a five-year trial period during which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would test and evaluate new payment and delivery models. It would prevent scheduled pay cuts to physicians who treat Medicare patients, and it would stabilize reimbursements throughout the trial period..This week, Members of Congress continued to focus on a series of fiscal 2015 appropriations bills including one that would provide funding for the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In addition, The Senior Citizens League announced its support for a new piece of legislation, and two key bills gained cosponsors..More Means Testing For Medicare: Higher income seniors with incomes of more than ,000 already pay more for their Medicare Part B and Part D premiums. More seniors will pay the higher costs in the future because the income threshold is not adjusted for inflation. President Obama has proposed raising the amounts that higher-income seniors would pay, and proposes new income thresholds that would push seniors into higher premium brackets more quickly..I believe Social Security is a promise made to hard working Americans a promise that must be kept. We need to improve our economy to get folks back to work and paying into the program so our children and grandchildren have access to the same social safety net. I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to keep these promises made to seniors and it starts by passing H.R. 973. copay for the drug, and the plan's monthly premium is just .50 in the zip code used in the analysis. The most expensive plan charges a co-pay of .19, and the plan has a monthly premium of .30. Counting premiums, that's a difference of ,055.88 for the entire year..TSCL continues working for enactment of The Notch Fairness Act, which has recently been reintroduced in both the House and Senate. Like an "old age boost" the legislation would provide Notch Babies born from 1917 through 1926 with a choice of ,000 payable in four annual installments of ,250 or an improved monthly benefit. To learn more about The Notch Fairness Act, click here..The House recently voted to pass my bipartisan Senior Security Act, which takes senior fraud and scams head on and will help the Security Exchange Commission and, federal prosecutors, crack down on these senior-preying criminals. I introduced this bill with Republican Congressman Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana..Caregiver support: You and others helping with your mom can get caregiver training and information about respite care..If your company has less than 20 employees, you can sign up for Medicare now during the General Enrollment Period between January 1 March 31 each year. Your coverage will begin July 1, 2013..Enrollment in the demonstration program far exceeds early target of 1–2 million beneficiaries set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. If all 26 state proposals are approved, approximately 3 million dual–eligible beneficiaries, about 40 percent of seniors who receive both Medicare and Medicaid, would be automatically enrolled into new managed–care plans..This Congress, I introduced the Fair COLA for Seniors Act, to ensure that your Social Security payment keeps pace with your cost of living. This bill would change the current ineffective price index used to calculate Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment to one tailored around the lives and needs of seniors. This index, the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly, accurately reflects how seniors spend their money, with a focus on healthcare and housing. It is a common-sense proposal that will allow for benefits to keep up with costs.

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Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced S. 62 on January 9, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Finance..Gradually, over 10 years, eliminate the cap on earnings that are taxed for Social Security. This would mean that the approximately 6% of workers who earn more than the 8,500 cap in 2015 would pay into Social Security throughout the year like other workers. In return they would get slightly higher benefits..Natural disasters can affect the consumer price index by showing up as higher costs, particularly when gasoline supplies are disrupted, and large numbers of people are forced to evacuate needing shelter and food away from home. But Joe thinks that our government economists may be cooking the books in their methods of measuring price increases. … Continued

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The high dose and adjuvanted flu vaccines may result in more of the temporary, mild side effects that can occur with standard-dose seasonal shots. Side effects can include pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, headache, muscle ache and malaise, and typically resolve with 1 to 3 days..To find contact for your Members of Congress or to sign a petition, visit the ACTION CENTER of our website. To find information on key bills and issues, click HERE..That said, logic says we may be in for some pretty big swings in the prices of certain items - such as gasoline. Especially troubling for everyone are steep increases in the cost of meats, poultry, processed fish and seafood, milk, fruits and vegetables. We are spending a lot more than usual trying to maintain a nutritious diet, and this has been going on for months. … Continued

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