If you were to start your own retirement benefit now, your benefit would be permanently reduced, and you would be giving up potentially tens of thousands of dollars in long-term Social Security income. If you delay starting Social Security as your husband is doing, you receive 100% of your own benefit at your full retirement age. The Social Security Administration has a retirement age calculator to help..Yet even a "limited approach" like this one could create huge new long-term costs for Social Security and Medicare. Citizenship is not a requirement to claim Social Security benefits. Work authorization, like the type under discussion in the House, is all that immigrants would need to at some point file claims..Research conducted by Johnson for The Senior Citizens League has found that Social Security benefits have lost 34 percent of their buying power since 2000 because the index used to calculate the annual cost-of-living-adjustment increase doesn't adequately factor in the cost increases experienced by retirees. In 2000, for example, it cost 5 to fill up a 500-gallon home-heating oil tank. The average benefit amount in 2000 was 6, leaving older homeowners with 1 to put toward other household expenses. Today, it costs about ,640 to fill the same oil tank, but those who received benefits of 6 in 2000 only receive ,193.10 in 201"That leaves older consumers digging into savings or borrowing to make up the difference of 6.90," Johnson says. "The Social Security loss of buying power for 2018–2019 appears likely to continue to get worse.".As negotiations continue over the coming days, TSCL will continue to monitor them closely and encourage lawmakers to avoid another shutdown on December 11th, since it would likely have a negative impact on Social Security and Medicare benefits. For updates, visit the Legislative News section of our website..[v] Social Security Administration email, February 24, 2013..This week, the House Ways and Means Committee held a four-day markup to work on comprehensive tax reform legislation called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill, which was released by Republican leaders in the House last Thursday, would consolidate the existing individual tax brackets from seven to four, double the standard deduction for taxpayers, permanently reduce the corporate tax rate, cap home mortgage interest deductions, and limit deductions for state and local taxes, among many other things..TSCL will continue to monitor the state of the trust funds especially for the DI program and our legislative team will advocate tirelessly for fair and responsible policy solutions in the months ahead. For updates, visit our new page on Facebook.."Greenspan Calls For Repeal Of All The Bush Tax Cuts," Sewell Chan, The New York Times, August 6, 2010..House Subcommittee Holds "Doc Fix" Hearing

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It will be important to continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash our hands frequently, and continue the other precautions we've been taking in order to protect those for whom the vaccine might not work. As time goes on and more people are vaccinated and more who've gotten the virus get better, the rates of infection will start to drop. It's at that point we can begin to go back to normal..This week most members of the House and Senate are back in their districts or states meeting with constituents or otherwise conducting business there. A few have stayed in Washington to take part in hearings that are scheduled this week, although since many hearings are now held virtually, they do not necessarily have to be in Washington..He continued his career at Bruce W. Eberle and Associates, another nationally-prominent direct marketing agency from 2002 2004, before making a career change and becoming Legislative Director for The Retired Enlisted Association, the largest organization exclusively for retired enlisted military personnel from all branches of the armed services in the nation. At TREA he was a registered lobbyist dealing with issues of concern to military retirees, including retired pay and health care. … Continued

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Medicare counseling: Counselors provide free one-on-one assistance to help you and your mom understand what Medicare covers, and other insurances, such as Medicare supplements and Part D plans, and Medicare Advantage. In addition, you can get information about the limitations of Medicare coverage of long-term care. A counselor may be able to explain the requirements to help you determine if your Mom would qualify for Medicare Savings Programs or Medicaid..The House of Representatives returned to work this week after the traditional August recess. The Senate, however, does not come back until next week..Ignoring dental problems, though, or skipping care, can harm your health. Chronic gum infections are associated with an increased risk for heart attack according to some studies. … Continued

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