McCaskill is calling on drug companies and doctors to scale back their financial relationships, and believes that, if necessary, Congress should step in to stiffen federal laws banning doctors from receiving gifts from such companies..ROTH IRAs require that you take distributions by age 70 and a half or pay a.Health, fitness, and wellness programs.Your benefits would drop further as rising Medicare costs take a bigger portion of Social Security payments. This is already occurring even under current law, but the problem would be accelerated if Social Security benefits grow more slowly, and if Medicare cuts make seniors pay more for their healthcare.."How Republicans' Brilliant Budget Tactic Backfired," Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times, May 28, 2013..[2] "How Much Is Enough? Out-of-Pocket Spending Among Medicare Beneficiaries: A Chartbook," Kaiser Family Foundation, July 2014..Two of the most popular Medigap plans, "F" and "C," will no longer be offered for sale in 2020. "While individuals enrolled in these plans may keep their plans, we are concerned that premiums for these plans could rise significantly without younger and healthier new enrollees to spread the costs in those plans," Johnson says..By Rick Delaney.Date Posted: January 2011

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John, age 66, is already enrolled in Medicare in 200He pays .40 per month. Because there is no COLA, and the basic Medicare Part B increases, his Part B premium will remain .40 because he's protected by the hold harmless provision. His premium will be adjusted to prevent a reduction in his Social Security in 20His wife Jane is 6She's not eligible to enroll in Medicare Part B until 20Her monthly premium would be an estimated 4 instead of .40. She won't have "hold harmless" protection until 2011..For example, if the price of gasoline soars do people spend more on gas for their autos, or make fewer trips? Because Social Security recipients are living on fixed income, they don't always have the leeway to spend more, meaning larger numbers of seniors might drive less. Younger consumers on a budget and people who are out of work, may be in the same boat. And if a lot of consumers are in the same fix, and wind up driving less, this measure is likely to show that inflation didn't increase much, even though the price of gas at the pump is stratospheric. That would mean your COLA wouldn't grow either, even though cost inflation may be soaring..In 1977 Congress changed the formula for computing Social Security benefit amounts - a change that led to seniors who were born 1917 through 1926.What Is The ‘Notch'? The term “Notch” refers to the disparity in Social Security benefits paid to people born from 1917 through 1926 and those paid to people born before and after them with similar work/earnings records. Many of those born during the Notch period feel they have not been treated fairly and are not receiving the benefits that.Frequently Asked Questions About TSCL The Social Security Notch Issue What is TSCL? … Continued

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job..This week, two congressional committees held hearings on issues affecting older Americans, and The Senior Citizens League saw support grow for four key bills in the House and Senate..Under current law, when noncitizens receive a valid work-authorized, Social Security number, all earnings, from authorized and unauthorized work count toward qualifying for and determining benefits. Under an amnesty, potentially hundreds of billions in earnings under invalid Social Security numbers could become the basis for calculation of Social Security benefits as unauthorized immigrants change status, eroding program financing more rapidly and raising the possibility of more benefit cuts. … Continued

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