This week, five new cosponsors signed on to Rep. Mike McIntyre's Notch Fairness Act, bringing the total up to seventeen. The new cosponsors are: Reps. William Enyart, Betty McCollum, Collin Peterson, Don Young, and Jim Himes. If signed into law, Rep. McIntyre's bill would provide modest compensation to Notch babies, or those who receive lower Social Security benefits because they were born between the years 1917 and 192TSCL believes that some compensation for this injustice should be provided, and the Notch Fairness Act would do just that..Unfortunately, for too many members of our communities, that's exactly what is happening, and it's something that I hear about far too often. Millions of seniors across the country, including my own mother, have been the victims of financial scams and they are being cheated out of their rightful retirement..Senate Passes Permanent SGR Repeal.retirement age than at age 6Delay even more and it will be boosted by the.and improve your health..Most Americans are under-informed about their Social Security retirement choices, and they don't mind saying so. The fact is the Social Security Administration isn't structured to provide understandable personal guidance or one-on-one counseling. It's almost totally automated and dependent on applicants having access to a computer and a good internet connection..The good news is that while Covid-19 continues to kill close to 1,000 Americans a day, advances in medical care and the growing experience of doctors are improving the chances of survival for those who develop dangerous cases of the infection, according to a report in Bloomberg News..For every 0 a retired household spent in 2000, that household can only buy about worth of the same goods and services today. For example, in 2000, the average annual cost of homeowners' insurance was 8 per year. In 2020 however, the average cost is ,518.97, an increase of 174 percent over the period. In 2000, the average Social Security benefit was 6 per month. A retiree with 6 could pay their entire annual homeowners insurance bill and still have money left over. By 2020, however, COLAs increased the 6.00 benefit to just ,246.20. Households with a benefit of ,246.20 must make insurance payments over several months, dig deeper into savings, or borrow to cover the cost of their policy..And the order that directs clinics that qualify for steep pharmaceutical discounts under a government program for low-income patients to pass savings on insulin and EpiPens directly to those patients only applies to about 1,000 community health centers, not to hospitals that are frequently flagged as diverting the discounts away from patients toward other programs.

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When the average person measures cost changes, one compares the change in the cost of a specific item like a gallon of home heating oil over a specific time frame. For example, the national average cost of home heating oil was .15 per gallon in the first week of January 2000. In the first week in January, 2013 it had increased to .00 per gallon - an increase of .8That's a total increase of 257% over 13 need to start distributions. Most types of retirement accounts other than.Letter to Senator Marco Rubio Re: Financial Effects On Social Security Of S.744, Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration, May 8, 201"Hatch, Rubio Unveil Amendments to Further Strengthen Immigration Bill," Senator Orrin Hatch, June 12, 2013. … Continued

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In most years, seniors receive a small increase in their Social Security checks, intended to help them keep up with rising costs. But since 2000, the Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment has increased benefits just 38 percent while typical senior expenses have jumped 81 percent, more than twice as fast. Inflation has been at historic lows in recent years and seniors received a 1.7 percent COLA this year..Background.pressure was high - dangerously so - and wound up driving straight to the … Continued

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