Get the Seasonal Flu Vaccine but Not Just Yet.Rural hospitals deserve the same reimbursement rates that big city hospitals receive for providing the same treatments. Patients at rural hospitals deserve the same level of care patients receive at larger hospitals. The Rural Health Care Coalition is simply asking for a level playing field the H-CARE Act does just that..Seniors deserve a Washington that works for them, and every American should be able to retire and live with dignity. I'm committed to doing everything I can in the Senate to ensure that happens..TSCL Mounts Nationwide Effort Fighting COLA Cuts.Rep. Charles Gonzalez introduced this bill on January 26, 201It has since been referred to the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security and to the Committee on Education and the Workforce..New Legislation Aimed At Fixing Social Security and Medicare.My frail mother was in the hospital after passing out and falling. She stayed "in observation" for four days and received a number of tests for stroke, heart and circulatory problems. After discharge, her doctor said she needed nursing home care. The nursing home warned us that if mother's hospital stay was observation Medicare would not cover the nursing home stay. She has received several large bills for the hospital care. We can't afford to pay for this care out-of-pocket. Can you suggest anything?.When the COLA does not accurately or adequately reflect the costs that retired and disabled people actually have, the buying power of Social Security benefits erodes over time. A study by TSCL has found that Social Security benefits have lost 30 percent of their buying power since 2000..Types of Flu Shots for People 65 and Older

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Because Medicare Advantage plans receive a capped monthly reimbursement for each beneficiary, TSCL is concerned that there is a potential financial incentive for Medicare Advantage plans to inappropriately deny some services or prescriptions in an attempt to increase their profits. Denial of medically necessary care and prescriptions can worsen your health, as well as leading to high out-of-pocket costs, financial burdens, and debt..TSCL's estimate of average Medicare costs includes:.Before we get into the rules for your wife, let's double-check your situation. If your wife recently stopped working, you should check your enrollment in Medicare Part B right away in order to avoid a Part B late enrollment penalty. … Continued

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Your persistent support in signing petitions, sending email, and letters to your Members of Congress have helped build the highest level of co-sponsorship in more than ten years..Right now, every politician in Washington has his or her eye on November. That is when the voters speak and hold their elected officials accountable..The fate of President Obama's controversial executive action on immigration remains tied up in court. Texas and 25 other states, supported by TSCL, 12 other groups, and 113 Members of Congress are challenging the legality of Obama's actions. TSCL and the others argue in an amicus curiae brief, that "the President acted contrary to both the express and implied will of Congress." … Continued

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