month for a 30-day supply, and her drug plan did not cover it. Because she was.Gradually, over 10 years, eliminate the cap on earnings that are taxed for Social Security. This would mean that the approximately 6% of workers who earn more than the 8,500 cap in 2015 would pay into Social Security throughout the year like other workers. In return they would get slightly higher benefits..The opinions expressed in "Congressional Corner" reflect the views of the writer and are not necessarily those of TSCL..12 Ways Seniors Would Get Less, Pay More.TSCL recently released an analysis of the proposal that estimates the chained CPI would cut the growth in average benefits of ,100 today by about ,634 over the course of a 25-year retirement, and that assumes that the economy becomes more stable soon. Nevertheless, the reductions in COLA growth compound over time, and are deepest when seniors are the oldest and sickest. By the time seniors are in their late 80s or 90s, when they are most likely to have chronic health problems, monthly benefits would be about 5 lower using the chained CPI..The COLA is calculated using data from the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. Of the CPI groups that the Bureau of Labor Statistics measures, the CPI-W covers only 28% of the total U.S. population, and specifically excludes households "with no one in the labor force, such as retirees.".TSCL is adamantly opposed to using COLA cuts to reduce the federal budget deficit. "With thousands of dollars in Social Security and Medicare benefits at stake, we urge everyone who cares about their Social Security and Medicare benefits to contact their lawmakers in Congress NOW," Benton says..TSCL receives hundreds of comments like this from Notch.How Long After Passage Will It Take To Award Notch Benefits? My mother was a Notch baby, born in 1919 and now my disabled brother receives her survivor's benefits. It is only fair that he receives whatever the government did not award my mother and other workers. If The Notch Fairness Act is passed how long will it take to award survivors?.Some home healthcare can be deductible. In order for home healthcare expenses to be deductible, those who require the care must be unable to perform two or more of six activities of daily living and have a plan of care from a physician that specifies help with these tasks.

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TSCL enthusiastically supports H.R. 2575, H.R. 1205, and H.R. 242, and we were pleased to see support grow for each one this week. For more information about these and other bills, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website..President Obama and House leadership are discussing support of a more "limited approach" to immigration reform. Under discussion is a plan to grant illegal immigrants limited legal status by providing the right to work in the U.S., but not citizenship..This week, TSCL's legislative consultants, Former Congressman David Funderburk and Mrs. Betty Funderburk, along with TSCL's legislative analyst, Jessie Gibbons, held meetings on Capitol Hill with Members of Congress and their top staff. … Continued

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The Social Security 2100 Act would make Social Security benefits more generous by:.Congress May Consider Ending Two Provisions That Reduce Social Security Benefits of Public Employees.The hold-harmless provision was again triggered on a nation-wide basis in 2016, when the COLA was zero, and again in 2017, when it was just 0.03 percent. In the meantime the Part B premium rose to 4.00 per month. In 2018, the COLA finally boosted benefits by 2 percent, but even so, roughly half of all beneficiaries reported that the increase in Part B premiums offset their entire COLA this year. … Continued

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