This, of course, keeps the costs of those drugs much higher than if a generic version were available..President Trump has said that he wants to deliver on his promise to lower drug costs, but bipartisan legislation is required to cap costs and provide real cost savings for older Americans. If Congress fails to take action, older Americans will bear the increasing burden of higher drug spending through depleted savings, higher taxes, and a lower standard of living..Medicare has begun a major program change that affects diabetics who get supplies home delivered and other seniors who rent medical equipment like home oxygen gear and wheel chairs. The program is intended to help seniors save money when they buy supplies and rent equipment, but TSCL believes it is more likely to first cause confusion and surprise unanticipated costs until patients figure out the new system..Employment assistance.Low-income beneficiaries who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. According to the Congressional Research Service, state Medicaid programs pay the Medicare Part B premiums of about 18% of Medicare beneficiaries. Although this group is not protected by the hold harmless provision, because their state Medicaid program pays their Medicare premium it is not deducted from their Social Security. Increases in Part B premiums would not reduce their Social Security their benefits..Age doesn't matter for contributions to some types of 401s. Regardless of age, you can continue to contribute to a traditional 401 as long as you own less than 5% of the business you are working for. You aren't required to take required minimum withdrawals..If you were born during the Notch period and receive Social Security benefits based on your work record, or that of a Notch Baby spouse, you have been affected by this inequity from your first Social Security check. According to TSCL studies, this disparity costs you on average about ,000 to as much as ,000 per year in lower benefits..Legislation to lower prescription drug prices is a top priority of TSCL's this year and we continue to monitor things very closely and work to pass legislation that will lower drug prices in a substantial way..Help! I've Been Told I Have To Return My Deceased Husband's Last Social Security Check. Is This Really True?

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Medicare drug plan finder at..The following Members of Congress, among many others, will be holding town hall meetings next week: Sen. Jerry Moran, Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Karen Bass, Rep. Diana DeGette, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Xavier Becerra, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Tom McClintock, Rep. Chris Stewart, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, and Rep. Tom Emmer..Congress has reallocated payroll taxes at least 9 times in the past to temporarily avert trust fund financing crises, according to the Congressional Research Service. "Doing so now would be much more difficult, because the retirement program is in cash deficit, and the government is borrowing money to cover retirement and survivor benefits," Cates points out. "Reallocation from the retirement trust fund would mean the government would have to borrow more, a recipe for more explosive debt limit show downs in coming months," he says. "The situation could put all Social Security benefits, including retirement and survivors benefits, at risk of cuts in debt limit negotiations," Cates explains. … Continued

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How does divorce affect my Social Security benefits? I'm turning 6My ex - husband had much higher earnings than I did. His benefit is likely to be much higher than mine. He has remarried and is not retired yet. Would it advantageous for me to take a divorced spouse benefit based on his earnings, or better to wait for my own retirement benefit?.Here's a hypothetical example: Let's say that you shop at the same grocery store every week. The price of navel oranges varies by the time of year, but in December of 2018 you were able to buy navel oranges for about .39 a pound. By June of 2019, however, the price goes up to .4That's a difference of $.10 a pound and a 7% jump in cost. That's price inflation..Surveys show a majority of Americans would like to see an increase in the Social Security payroll tax, but a new tax reform proposal would eliminate the 12.4 percent payroll tax altogether. This would end Social Security as we know it and transform it into a welfare program for older Americans. Do you support this drastic new proposal? … Continued

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