Lawmakers in the House and Senate have adjourned for a month-long recess, and most of them will be reaching out to their constituents by hosting town hall meetings or attending local events in their home states and districts. We encourage our members and supporters to attend these events, since they are excellent opportunities for constituents to make their voices heard. To best be prepared, it's a good idea to jot down some questions that you would like to ask your elected officials. Below are ten examples feel free to take them with to your next town hall meeting..After weeks of debate by the House-Senate Conference Committee, President Obama signed the payroll tax holiday and temporary "doc fix" into law this week. Other action on Capitol Hill remained slow this week, as both Houses of Congress have adjourned for the Presidents Day Recess..Much of Wednesday's hearing was focused on the repeal of the ACA. Several lawmakers in the majority party including Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander called for the establishment of a solid ACA replacement plan. He said: "The American people deserve health care reform that's done the right way, for the right reasons, in the right amount of time. It's not about developing a quick fix, it's about working toward long-term solutions that work for everyone." Congressman Price seemed to agree, and he expressed his support for a health system that ensures health insurance access but not a guarantee of coverage for all..The bills aren't paid..The I.O.U.s in the Social Security Trust Fund are a special type of non-marketable bond issued by the U.S. Treasury when excess revenues are received. The cash revenue that isn't needed to pay benefits is "borrowed" and used for other government spending. By law, the I.O.U.s held by the Trust Fund pay interest, and that forms an additional source of income - on paper, at least.."It's a barrage of contributions that accounts for roughly million in campaign giving, distributed via roughly 4,500 checks from the political action committees affiliated with the companies..If Trump does, in fact, veto the bill it is likely Congress will attempt to override it this week although the timing of the override attempt may hinge on whether an agreement of government funding can be reached this week..It's hard to know because no official government estimates seem to exist. Just how do illegal workers wind up on Social Security rolls? In order to get jobs they often provide employers with invalid, fake, or even stolen Social Security numbers. Employers withhold payroll taxes as required by law and wage reports are sent in to the Social Security Administration. If the name and Social Security number reported by employers doesn't match those in the SSA's records, the "mismatched reports are placed in an "Earnings Suspense File..TSCL will watch closely to see what, if anything, is introduced in Congress to boost Social Security payments for seniors and we will keep you posted as things move forward.

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A balanced budget amendment to the constitution might sound like a good idea on the surface, but when the details are examined, it could be disastrous for programs like Social Security and Medicare. The Senior Citizens League tirelessly advocated against its adoption when it was considered earlier this year, and because lawmakers aren't giving up on it anytime soon, we aren't either..If signed into law, the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act would amend the Social Security Act with regard to the annual cost-of-living-adjustment Social Security beneficiaries receive. Currently, the COLA is based upon the spending patterns of young, urban workers as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the CPI for Urban Wage Earners. This legislation would calculate the COLA based on the spending patterns of seniors, or by using the BLS tracked CPI-E..Lawmakers remained in their home states and districts this week for the New Year's holiday. They will return to Washington on Monday, January 5th, to begin the first session of the 114th Congress. The Senior Citizens League looks forward to working with both new and veteran lawmakers in the New Year, and we will continue to advocate tirelessly on behalf of our members and supporters in 2015. … Continued

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In 2010, to generate support from wary seniors, proponents of healthcare reform widely touted new Medicare benefits under healthcare reform with mailings and even an ad campaign featuring Andy Griffith of Mayberry R.F.D. But virtually nothing about the controversial changes - like determining Part D premiums based on income - ever made it into the media, let alone Andy's scripts..At 2.8%, the annual cost-of-living adjustment that Social Security beneficiaries received in 2019 was the highest in seven years. The average monthly retiree benefit of ,425 increased by almost , but since October of last year, consumer price index data indicate that growth in inflation has stalled. In fact, if the current trend continues, it suggests the COLA payable in 2020 could be zero, according to projections by Advisor editor, and COLA researcher, Mary Johnson..Neighborhood, and safety concerns. Does your friend still feel safe living alone? Are there suspicious strangers stopping by asking for jobs like yard work or repaving her driveway? People who live alone are frequent targets of scam and thieves. … Continued

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