To learn more about how work affects your benefits, call the Social Security Administration toll free at and ask for How Work Affects Your Benefits.Is this you? Watch a video of age - activated attention deficit disorder..This week, Senator John McCain introduced the Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act, which would allow individuals to import prescription drugs from approved pharmacies in Canada. Upon introducing the bill, Senator McCain stated: "This legislation would allow individuals to safely import prescription drugs into the United States from our neighbors to the north, spur much-needed competition in the pharmaceutical market, and save individual Americans up to hundreds of dollars a year." TSCL supports S. 122 enthusiastically, and we look forward to helping build support for it this year..In December of 2020, about 1.9 million people, or about 3% of all Social Security beneficiaries, were affected by WEP. This provision applies to workers who are entitled to both Social Security benefits as well as to pension benefits from employment not covered by Social Security. School teachers and firemen are two good examples. Before 1983, those whose primary employment wasn't covered by Social Security could still receive the full amount of any Social Security benefits they may have earned, assuming they had worked long enough to qualify. Today though, people affected by the WEP must have their benefits calculated using a different benefit formula. The WEP can reduce Social Security benefits by up to half the amount of the individual's pension from non-covered work..The COVID crisis really brought to life the challenges of way Medicare currently pays doctors. Thankfully, despite these challenges, the number of doctors choosing to opt out of Medicare has been on the decline, according to data from CMS..The revenues raised from the taxation of Social Security benefits are used to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits. In 2017, the Social Security trust fund received .9 billion of its 5.6 billion in revenues from the taxation of benefits and the Medicare trust fund received .2 billion of its 9.4 billion in revenues..So, does your support for TSCL. We depend on you and each of our supporters to keep us in this fight. We receive no financial support from corporations or the government..I started benefits at age 63 after losing my job in 201I was able to find new employment the following year in 201I received a letter from Social Security stating that I was overpaid for 2014 because they estimate that I earned 0,320, and that I need to repay more than ,000 in overpayments! Where did they get that? I only worked part time and earned ,200. What can I do?.The blueprint also lays out some modifications to the Social Security program. It would close the Disability Insurance trust fund's shortfall by transferring funds from the Old Age and Survivor's Insurance trust fund over a period of five years. TSCL's members and supporters overwhelmingly oppose the transfer of funds from one trust fund to another since it would put the OASI trust fund on worse financial footing. However, we were pleased to see that President Obama did not include the adoption of the "chained" CPI in his budget blueprint as he did two years ago.

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Drug prices in the U.S. are much higher than in other developed countries, because there are no federal laws regulating prices. In fact, the law specifically forbids Medicare from negotiating prices on behalf of its beneficiaries. Allowing the importation of prescription drugs from countries such as Canada, where drugs are less expensive, has the potential to lower drug costs for both U.S. consumers and the federal government..If adopted, H.R. 2787 would mandate the monthly formulation and publication of a consumer price index specifically for senior citizens for the purpose of establishing an accurate Social Security COLA for beneficiaries..Seniors deserve a Washington that works for them, and every American should be able to retire and live with dignity. I'm committed to doing everything I can in the Senate to ensure that happens. … Continued

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Rep. Schwartz's bill, if signed into law, would repeal the sustainable growth rate formula for physician reimbursements, and it would set up a five-year trial period during which CMS would test and evaluate new payment models. TSCL believes that the SGR breeds uncertainty in the Medicare program for both physicians and beneficiaries. Many doctors have stopped accepting Medicare patients because of the SGR, and even more are threatening to do so if a permanent solution is not established soon. We believe Congress should repeal and replace the SGR by the end of this year in order to preserve seniors' access to quality medical care..As you might imagine, the Congressional schedule has been totally rearranged. They had scheduled recesses for the national party conventions, their usual August recess, and then for the elections. We assume those are all up-in-the-air now..The change was designed to schedule certain holidays so that workers had several long weekends throughout the year, but it was opposed by those who believe that those holidays should be celebrated on the dates they actually commemorate. … Continued

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