Employment assistance.We at TSCL urge you not to put off medical care if you need it. If you are worried about being infected with the virus call your doctor's or dentist's office and ask them what Covid-19 precautions they are following to protect their patients. Many doctors have taken extra special measures, including requiring that everyone wear a mask and keeping people out of waiting rooms until the actual time of their appointment. Many waiting rooms have far fewer chairs in them, and they are spaced far apart for those patients awaiting their appointments..This week, members of the bicameral budget conference seemed to hit an impasse, and The Senior Citizens League announced its support for the Social Security and Medicare Lock-Box Act. In addition, two key bills gained cosponsors this week..How much will the New Year's 1.5% cost-of-living adjustment increase your Social Security benefits? How much did your household budget increase over the past 12 months? Your response is important because the only thing standing between seniors and COLA cuts right now is public pressure on Congress and the White House. Major budget negotiations are underway as the nation faces another government shut-down on January 15th, hitting the debt limit again the first week in February. Members of Congress need to hear how their actions would impact real people like you..Like the enormous sword of Greek legend hanging by a single hair above the head of Damocles, the U.S. Totalization agreement with Mexico continues to remain hanging over our nation's Social Security program. The agreement has not yet undergone final approval, but its fate has far-reaching implications for the benefits of 53 million U.S. Social Security beneficiaries..TSCL believes that Social Security and Medicare remain at high risk of major changes that would cut benefits and continues to meet with Members of Congress and their staffs. The COLA is particularly vulnerable due to the size of the reduction in the deficit it would have - both by cutting federal spending and boosting tax revenue. The next election will be one of the most critical in years for both retirees and older Americans within ten years of retirement. TSCL urges you to ensure that you and your family are registered and ready to vote this November!.It's helpful to think of age 70 as the retirement age to get the maximum benefit that you are entitled to. Not only does your benefit grow 8% per year, but the additional years of work could potentially boost the amount of your initial retirement benefit. By continuing to work you also give yourself more time to contribute to retirement accounts and pay off home mortgages, and you reduce the length of time or amount you will need to withdraw from your retirement accounts. That can make a big difference on how well you can live and thrive in retirement..Congresswoman Cheri Bustos represents Illinois' 17th Congressional District. She lives in East Moline with her husband, Gerry. They have three grown sons..TSCL enthusiastically supports H.R. 1391 since it would strengthen the program without cutting benefits for seniors. We were very pleased to see support grow for it this week.

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The Senior Citizens League is hopeful that Congress will pass responsible reforms to the Social Security and Medicare programs as soon as possible to strengthen benefits and restore the solvency of the Trust Funds. For more information about legislation that has been endorsed by The Senior Citizens League, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website..If you have limited income and savings, there are three Medicare Savings Programs that help pay Medicare costs. If you qualify, your Medicare Part B premium will no longer be deducted from your monthly Social Security check. Over the rest of the year, that could be worth an extra 4.60 per month in your Social Security check, and more than ,300 in higher Social Security income through the end of the year. If you qualify, you will automatically get Extra Help, the Medicare program that helps with Part D prescription drug costs..Thankfully, those covered under Medicare are not as susceptible to this, although it can still happen, even when it comes to such things as dental care. Hoyer said it's "possible" the House could act on surprise billing legislation before May although he didn't definitely commit to it. … Continued

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The agency said its review confirmed the accuracy of the death count for the coronavirus..If you're like most Medicare beneficiaries, you rarely make changes to your health or drug plans, but this is one of the biggest financial mistakes you can make in retirement. Insurers make numerous changes to drug and health plans that increase your out–of–pocket costs every year. Your health changes, and the plans that once were your best deal, may be full of high cost surprises now. Every year new plans, even new plans offered by your current insurer, compete for your business by offering similar or better coverage, for lower costs. Comparing your Medicare plan coverage every year and making changes when it's in your best interest, is one of the most important financial habits to get into..than via an ambulance gurney. Starting this year, Medicare covers a yearly … Continued

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