SSA Announces Record-Low Social Security Increase.TSCL thus believes that the DREAM Act may ultimately lead to a tsunami of new Social Security disability and retirement claims, as well as swelling the Medicare rolls. The 2004 Social Security Protection Act requires that noncitizens assigned Social Security numbers after January 1, 2004, must have work authorization in order to file a claim for benefits. Once work authorization documents are provided, however, the Social Security Administration would then determine entitlement for benefits on all earnings, even including jobs performed while illegal. If the green card holder proves evidence of the jobs worked, like W2s, even under invalid Social Security numbers the earnings would be applied to their new Social Security number..Any Toll Free call to Congress on the number will be paid for by The Senior Citizens League..Last week the CDC announced that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed total U.S. deaths in 2020 beyond 3.3 million, the nation's highest annual death toll..Ending surprise billing has been a priority for TSCL this year so we are very hopeful this bill does, in fact, finally pass..But the transitional formula failed, and in most cases, the new benefit formula abruptly kicked in. Extreme inflation that climbed to 14.3% in 1980 magnified the disparities. When the benefits are illustrated on a bar graph, they show a deep "V" Notch..The Senior Citizens League supports legislation that would help lower both taxpayer and Medicare beneficiary costs, including a House and Senate bill that would prohibit surprise medical bills, allow Medicare to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs, and cap out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs for beneficiaries. To learn more,..Some have hailed this provision as the closing of a "loophole," while others have said the provision will cause companies to cut jobs, and cut prescription drug coverage for retirees. Because companies would no longer be able to deduct the subsidy, it would increase the taxes they expect to pay under current law. The Senior Citizens League is monitoring this provision's potential effects on retirees. TSCL is concerned that some employers may cancel the often-generous prescription drug coverage that they provide to their retirees as a result of the expected increased costs of providing that benefit. If any retirees lose their current prescription drug coverage, they could then go through Medicare Part D to get their prescription drug coverage..A new study recently found that Social Security benefits have lost 34 percent of their purchasing power since 2000 due to rising costs and inadequate cost-of-living adjustments. Do you support the bipartisan CPI-E Act, which would make the COLA more fair and adequate?

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of side effects or possible drug interactions. Keep a list of symptoms if you.Complicating matters, even though the Social Security retirement and survivors trust fund still holds IOUs that at least provide the promise to pay benefits, the Social Security disability program is in much more critical condition. The Social Security Trustees recently warned that the SSDI program may run out of IOU "assets" and become fully insolvent as early as 201TSCL believes that estimate is overly optimistic because the Trustees may be assuming there are more payroll taxes than the program is actually taking in. The Trustees assume that unemployment will be only 6.5% over the next few years - but today it's actually far higher - 9.6%. Advisor editor and Social Security policy analyst Mary Johnson estimates that the insolvency date for the Social Security Disability Insurance program could arrive as early as 2013..Here are three things you can start doing right now to lower your Medicare costs … Continued

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Studies show the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna, the only two approved by the U.S. so far, are fully effective at one to two weeks after the second dose, depending on the vaccine; while they prevent disease, it is not clear whether they prevent asymptomatic infection.This question is signficant in light of proposals to.Will Widows Of Notch Babies Be Included Under Notch Reform? “My husband passed away September 5, 200What will happen to his lump-sum if they ever decide to pass Notch Reform? What would happen to my lump-sum if I should die now? Would my daughter get it? It seems they are waiting for us all to die.”.Earlier this month, House lawmakers voted on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution that would have been disastrous for Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries if adopted. Did you support this drastic measure, and if so, why? … Continued

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