Compare generic costs: You sometimes pay more for common generics using your drug plan, than you would simply by visiting a pharmacy with generic program. Compare the costs first. If the generic saves you money over your normal co-pay, put your drug plan card away and shop at the discount pharmacy. Save your coverage for more expensive prescriptions..Regardless of when you decide to start benefits, you should enroll in Medicare when you turn age 6Failure to enroll by your Medicare deadline may result in permanent enrollment penalties that you would add to the cost of your Medicare Part B premiums for the rest of the time you have Medicare..Will the program ban payment of benefits based on unauthorized earnings by undocumented immigrants under invalid Social Security Numbers?.Medicare costs often consume up to half of your Social Security benefit. In a recent TSCL survey, 48% of respondents said they spent 11% to 33% of their Social Security benefits on healthcare in 201Another 25% said they spent from 34% to 50% of their Social Security on healthcare..These price increases are very likely to block some patients from affording their medication, following instructions for taking the drugs, result in higher costs for treatment in the future because of not taking the prescriptions as directed, and cause higher incidents of additional health issues and death rates..Obama Signs Extensions into Law.The best way to help Social Security and Medicare is get people off the rolls who don't belong there - the non-citizens who have come here illegally, and their dependents who have never paid into Social Security. Wouldn't there be enough to take care of the seniors we already have if we did?.As a result of the COLA projection, it is expected that Medicare's "hold harmless" policy will be applied to a majority of beneficiaries. Around 70 percent of Medicare's current enrollees will continue paying the 4.90 Part B premium in 2016 instead of the projected 9.30 monthly rate, which will be applied to new beneficiaries and some other groups..In your case, you will receive your full benefit at age 6But if you delay until age 70, you'll boost your full benefit by 8% each full year you delay after your full retirement age until age 70. There are other considerations as well. While you may work and receive benefits at the same time, if you are under full retirement age you are restricted in how much you may earn before your benefits will be reduced. Earn more than the exempt amount, and your benefit will be withheld for every in earnings above the limit. In addition, Social Security benefits may add to your taxable income. A portion of your benefits are taxable when your modified adjusted gross income is over ,000 or ,000.

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Here are some tips to help you budget:.Since the Social Security Administration announced the 2013 benefit boost last fall, fuel, food and healthcare costs have steadily climbed. U.S. households that heat with oil are expected to pay nearly 20 percent more this winter compared to last year. Homes that rely on oil heat will pay an average of 7 more this winter according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration..At the Social Security Subcommittee's hearing, the focus was also on three specific proposals: cutting the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment by adopting the "chained" Consumer Price Index, raising the eligibility age, and increasing the cap on income subject to the payroll tax. Support for each proposal was mixed, and while experts on the panel spoke with a sense of urgency, no real consensus was evident among Members of the Subcommittee. … Continued

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The Senior Citizens League opposes the plan that was advanced by the Budget Committee this week since it would lead to increased costs for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, and it would cut benefits for Social Security recipients. Instead, we support legislation like the Social Security 2100 Act and the Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act, which would strengthen and reform the Social Security and Medicare programs responsibly, without cutting benefits for current or future retirees..What do you think about proposals to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits? Visit to participate in TSCL's annual Senior Survey..match you up with business mentors or help you brush up on skills like using a … Continued

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