But should President Trump win a second term there will be pressure on him from members of his own party and some of his long-time supporters to violate his pledge to protect Social Security and Medicare when he ran for President the first time..More Means Testing For Medicare: Higher income seniors with incomes of more than ,000 already pay more for their Medicare Part B and Part D premiums. More seniors will pay the higher costs in the future because the income threshold is not adjusted for inflation. President Obama has proposed raising the amounts that higher-income seniors would pay, and proposes new income thresholds that would push seniors into higher premium brackets more quickly..I'm 62 and my wife is 60. Last year she and I signed up for a new health plan on the federal health exchange. We qualified for lower premiums, but we still have trouble paying for all the out-of-pocket costs, because of the high deductibles. Now it's time to start all over. We're wondering if we should let our current plan automatically renew, or if we need to go through the hassle of shopping for new plans all over again..Re-opening is expected to be slow and painstaking as providers and states try different approaches to keep patients and staff safe. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently released a bulletin about what patients should know about seeking healthcare during the pandemic, which can be found online at:..But so far Members of Congress haven't received a paycheck. Eric Pianin, a journalist who covers the federal budget for The Fiscal Times, perhaps expressed it best as a "brilliant budget tactic that backfired." The House last March passed a new budget along party lines that would achieve a surplus within ten years, mainly through deep spending cuts and reforms to Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlements. Earlier this spring the Senate took up the challenge and passed a .6 trillion budget that has greatly different priorities for spending and taxes than the budget passed by the House. But neither Senate nor House negotiators have met in conference where the two chambers would negotiate differences and produce a compromise budget agreement..Fifty-six percent of all Social Security households pay taxes on their benefits. Many of them have very modest middle incomes and didn't adequately understand or plan for these taxes, which take about 6% on average of Social Security income..This may not be true once Members of Congress start purchasing insurance though the exchanges in 201In 2014 the exchanges will offer health insurance to individuals who don't get coverage through their employers, and, to small businesses. Large employers aren't scheduled to offer insurance to their employees through the exchanges until 2017, so it remains uncertain whether the exchanges would be ready to accept federal government's contributions towards premiums next year..At Monday's press conference, all six Trustees commented on the need for Congress to make some changes to both programs to ensure their financial stability. The Senior Citizens League agrees that both programs must be returned to solvency to ensure that future retirees receive the security they deserve. However, we firmly believe that any changes to either program should be phased in gradually and should not affect those seniors nearing or currently in retirement..Medicare costs often consume up to half of your Social Security benefit. In a recent TSCL survey, 48% of respondents said they spent 11% to 33% of their Social Security benefits on healthcare in 201Another 25% said they spent from 34% to 50% of their Social Security on healthcare.

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TSCL's annual Senior Surveys indicate that roughly 56% of retiree households pay tax on a portion of their Social Security benefits. About the same number support reducing the taxation of Social Security benefits by lifting the threshold for taxation of Social Security benefits from ,000 to ,000 for single filers and from ,000 to 0,000 for joint filers..Rescue committees may not even be needed for Social Security. The House is working on The Social Security 2100 Act introduced by Representative John Larson, and has the support of 208 co-sponsors. The bill would provide;."Extra Help Basics," Medicare Interactive, The Medicare Rights Center, accessed on June 19, 2018. … Continued

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Major Findings.In a way that's not news. You already knew prices had been going up and so did we at TSCL. But it's nice to have the facts to back us up..Five Biggest Expenses For Seniors To Watch In Next 12 Months … Continued

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