This week, TSCL announced its support for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act. The bill, if signed into law, would prohibit unauthorized workers from receiving Social Security benefits based on work done while in the country illegally, using stolen, fake, or fraudulent Social Security numbers..Committees Craft ACA Repeal Legislation.Despite these obstacles, Subcommittee Members were relentless in their requests for CMS to reform the system. A frustrated Chairman Herger stated, "To date, CMS has offered little beyond excuses and questionable reports. If CMS does not responsibly act, then Congress will require them to." Trenkle closed the hearing with an agreement to provide the Subcommittee with an updated list of options and cost estimates by the beginning of next year. TSCL will continue to monitor any movement on this important issue..This late into 2018, one way to prevent a penalty is to pay an estimated, or additional payment that brings your estimated tax payments to least 100 percent of your prior year tax liability, or 110 percent of the prior year liability, if you believe you will have higher income in 201If you think you may have underpaid during the year, there's still time to make an estimated payment by January 15th, 2019 to stop penalties from accruing. To prevent the same problem next year, consider adjusting withholding taxes from pension or annuities, as well as withdrawals from retirement accounts..But we all must face the reality that unless we continue the safety measures of masks and handwashing, this will get worse..Even before the coronavirus pandemic Congress was facing tough decisions on how to strengthen the Medicare's Part A Hospital Insurance trust fund. But Congress is now running out of time and will need to move soon on a plan to prolong program solvency..I'm single and I live alone. When I retire this year I will receive payments from a 401 and a traditional IRA of approximately ,000. My annual Social Security benefit will be around ,000. Will my Social Security benefit be subject to income tax even though I will not be working?.adequate income, especially if you live to your 80's or 90's..An ongoing study of the buying power of Social Security benefits, a special project of TSCL, has found that, since 2000, COLAs increased Social Security benefits by a total of 46%, but the typical expenses of older households grew more than twice as fast - 96.3%. For every 0 a retired household spent in 2000, the same household can only buy about worth of goods and services today.

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Tax Planning? Medical Expense Deduction Becomes Less Generous in 2019.Do you see piles of mail and unopened bills? Your friend's mail may be a clue to how well she is managing her finances. Do you see unopened bills that have post- marks older than 30 days? Have you spotted letters from banks, creditors or insurers referring to overdrawn balances and missing payments?.Your earnings from work will reduce your benefits if you are under your full retirement age and the earnings are more than the annual limit. The age at which people become eligible for full retirement benefits has been gradually rising. The full retirement age for people born from 1943 through 1954 is 66. … Continued

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The health-related negatives of fried food include generally higher calories and fat, as well as extra salt and a tastiness that often leads people to eat multiple servings, which contributes to weight have assets exceeding million, you should be able to pay for care.Government economists not only changed the math, they changed the underlying concept of the consumer price index itself. While the CPI formerly measured price changes of a fixed market basket of items from one period to the next, today the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses formulas more consistent with a theoretical cost-of-living concept. And because it is theoretical, it uses estimates and produces data that is subject to two revisions. … Continued

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