Why did Dad get a bill for ,944 after his recent hospitalization due to COVID-19? I thought emergency legislation required coronavirus care to be covered by Medicare. Dad is enrolled in a large Medicare Advantage plan..The coronavirus has hit older Americans particularly hard and sent tens of thousands of Medicare recipients to hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. That type of care comes with particularly pricey out-of-pocket costs which we expect will drive up Medicare Part B spending for 2020. We.Benefit Bulletin: March/April 2020 What to do When You Can't Afford Medicare Premiums.If a day of age-activated adult deficit disorder sounds a little too familiar and you wish you really didn't have them so frequently, here are five things that can improve attention, memory, and age - proof your brain..delayed retirement credit which is 8.0% per year until age 70 (if you reached.Sixty-two percent of American households include at least one pet. Mine includes two –both a dog and an aging cat. New advances in veterinary medicines are making expensive treatments a reality, often putting owners into an emotional and fiscally painful bind. For example, I learned that my dog with paralysis in her hind quarters from a potentially fatal spinal disc rupture had the option of getting a ,000 surgery, followed by weeks of physical therapy in a swimming tank. My cat with hyperthyroidism is receiving oral medications costing up to 0 per year including blood tests. Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, vet bills for routine annual check-ups, tests, vaccines and treatments can run about 0 per year for dogs and 5 per year for cats..To ensure the solvency of Social Security for retirees and disabled who live in the U.S. and pay into the system legally, the study makes the following recommendations:."Approvals like this one highlight the FDA's longstanding commitment to supporting a competitive marketplace for insulin products," said Patrick Archdeacon, acting associate director for therapeutics in the Division of Diabetes, Lipid Disorders and Obesity, Office of New Drugs..According to the most recent Social Security Trustees report, Social Security already pays out more in benefits than it receives in payroll taxes. In 2019, Social Security paid ,047.9 billion in benefits versus receiving 4.5 billion in payroll tax revenues. Taxation of the benefits of retirees provides another .5 billion in revenues, and .8 billion is money from "interest" earned by the assets of the Social Security Trust funds, special non-marketable bonds. Social Security trustees forecast that the program will be depleted by 2035..Preventing benefit cuts. Older Americans understand the compounding effect that even the smallest benefit cut can have over the course of several years. DI beneficiaries living on fixed incomes simply cannot afford a reduction in benefits.

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You should know that there are some groups who call themselves senior groups but are funded mostly by the drug makers and other corporate interests. Whereas TSCL is beholden only to you, those groups dare not oppose the corporations that fund them, whether it is in the interests of seniors or not..In addition Senator John Barrasso, the third ranking Republican in the Senate, has stated that members of his party have "brought it up with President Trump, who has talked about it being a second-term project.".If true, how much would Social Security's financing be improved? … Continued

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Following the blueprint's release, Sen. Bernard Sanders ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee voiced his concerns, saying: "This budget gives huge tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires while making devastating cuts to education, Medicare, affordable housing, prescription drug coverage, and many other vital investments for the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor … This budget is the Robin Hood principle in reverse. It takes from the poor to give to the rich.".Late last week, lawmakers in the House passed a budget resolution that lays the groundwork for a repeal of the ACA. Now that both chambers of Congress have adopted the resolution, four committees the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the Senate HELP Committee will begin drafting legislation to repeal the health care law..their coverage, losing all of the money they paid. … Continued

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