I lost my job a few months ago and at age 64, recently started Social Security retirement benefits. I just found out that I can work and still receive benefits at the same time. Can you tell me how this works? I thought you could lose your Social Security check?.services,consider adding these. When comparing plans, make sure you compare.Would this proposal help you? We are interested in hearing what you think. Send us an email at.."TSCL surveys indicate there is no support for benefit cuts among older voters," Johnson says. "We have learned, however, that there is widespread support to boost the amount of wages subject to the Social Security payroll tax, and to provide more adequate Social Security income," she says. "Raising the Social Security taxable maximum is a way to do both," she points out..The best way to help Social Security and Medicare is get people off the rolls who don't belong there - the non-citizens who have come here illegally, and their dependents who have never paid into Social Security. Wouldn't there be enough to take care of the seniors we already have if we did?.According to the Congressional Research Service, older noncitizens who were assigned a Social Security number before January 1, 2004, are not required to have ever received authorization to work in the United States at any point to qualify for Social Security benefits. In other words, those individuals may have worked illegally their entire career and may still file a claim for Social Security, and all their illegal earnings will be counted..For those who are "social butterflies," this is extremely hard. For those who do not have a problem being by themselves, maybe not so much..Neighborhood, and safety concerns. Does your friend still feel safe living alone? Are there suspicious strangers stopping by asking for jobs like yard work or repaving her driveway? People who live alone are frequent targets of scam and thieves..The coronavirus emergency spending bill that Congress just passed was not "paid for," in Washington's language. It was added to the deficit, which means the government will borrow the money to pay for it.

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The program was designed to address the needs of low–income seniors, who receive both Medicare and Medicaid. The group includes the oldest, sickest and poorest of seniors, including many Notch Babies, who tend to have multiple health problems, including the need for long term care. Although they make up only 15 percent of all Medicaid beneficiaries, they account for almost 40 percent of Medicaid expenditures, according to the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured..The purpose of this update each week is to give our supporters like you information about issues that are important to seniors, but that do not make the headlines. They are usually issues we are working on to ensure our elected officials keep faith with the commitments that were made to each of us during our lifetimes of work, especially concerning Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid..This week was a busy one for Social Security and Medicare Advocates! There was considerable activity to combat the high cost of prescription drugs. The Ways and Means Committee had a hearing on the Social Security 2100 Act. And, work continues on repealing the Windfall Elimination Provision. … Continued

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House speaker Paul Ryan's proposal to overhaul Medicare by providing beneficiaries a subsidy or voucher to shop for private insurance on a federal health exchange has been included in House budget blue prints numerous times, but voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the idea. The plan would give private insurance plans a greater role in Medicare, and beneficiaries would be given a subsidy to shop for insurance coverage. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the plan would shift a growing share of the costs to beneficiaries..The situation is caused by a drop in the average wage index which is used in the Social Security benefit formula. Normally, wages tend to go up year over year. But in 2020, the COVID-19 recession and sudden high unemployment may have caused the index to plummet. This type of benefit reduction is known as a "notch" and these people are the "1960 Notch Baby Boomers.".Subcommittee Chairman Sam Johnson explained the origin of the issue in his opening statement, saying: "Both the House and Senate wanted to modify the benefit formula for those workers who spent part of their careers not paying Social Security taxes. I guess it should come as no surprise that the House and Senate didn't agree on the numbers … As tends to happen here they ended up somewhere in the middle." … Continued

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