The spending bill now moves to the Senate, where its future is uncertain. Leaders are not sure that they will have the votes needed to pass the bill in its current form, and many are predicting that the President will end up signing a "clean" spending bill into law at the end of February..The high cost of healthcare and the significant cost of serious illness or dementia is climbing at one of the most rapid rates in years. Last year TSCL's annual Senior Survey found that 29% of survey respondents spent up to one-half of their Social Security benefits on healthcare costs, up from 25% the previous year. Another 18% spent more than one-half of their benefits on healthcare, up from 13% the previous year..This week, lawmakers in the House passed legislation to repeal the controversial Independent Payment Advisory Board, and The Senior Citizens League announced its support for one new piece of legislation..This week, the fall recess continued for lawmakers in the House and Senate who are campaigning for the upcoming elections..To even meet the statutory test of disability, the disabled worker must be unable to work or engage in any "substantial gainful activity." To qualify, disabled workers must have worked in the past, and be unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last more than one year or result in death..Prices for and Spending on Specialty Drugs in Medicare Part D and Medicaid, Congressional Budget Office, March 2019..Senator Bernie Sanders introduced S. 99 on January 10, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Finance..problems with her new blood pressure medication. It was one of the most common.When President Obama announced his massive immigration executive action last fall, a White House fact sheet said the actions would "expand the country's tax base by millions of people and billions of dollars." Then in a plainly self-contradictory statement, the fact sheet goes on to say that many of the 5 million individuals who would be eligible for work authorization and deportation protection "are already in the workforce contributing federal, state, and local taxes. But roughly two-third of them don't pay taxes today." The White House thus implies that executive action would add solvency to the program, because most of the people it affects aren't paying taxes into the program today.

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Social Security Taxation Question Pushes Action on "Boost Bill" Into 2020.TSCL encourages you to stay informed and ask questions about any and all issues that matter to you! Our site offers information on how to contact your Member of Congress, weekly and monthly legislative updates, petitions, and congressional responses to our petitions. Simply click on the links on the right-hand side of your screen..House Passes first FY 2021 funding bills … Continued

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Recently the TREA Senior Citizens League Board of Trustees traveled to Capitol Hill for a week filled with meetings. The Board was able to meet with 7 Congressional offices, including one drop-by visit with Chief of Staff Kevin Kimble and Legislative Assistant Yadira Castellanos in the office of Rep. Charles Gonzalez. Among the topics discussed were Notch Reform, anti-totalization measures, prescription drug costs, and the consumer price index for elderly..TSCL is continuing to meet with lawmakers and deliver your petitions calling for a fair COLA. To send an email to your member of Congress now!.Compare details carefully: When making health plan benefit comparisons, closely examine the co-payment structure between plans. Your lowest costing plan may not be the best deal if you have health conditions like diabetes, or cancer that require trips to specialists, and pricey outpatient services like CT scans. Refer to your 2012 medical expenses to give you an idea of what the costs would be under alternate plans. … Continued

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