For progress updates or for more information about these and other bills that would strengthen Social Security and Medicare programs, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website or follow TSCL on Twitter.To allow this situation to languish so long is a national disgrace when there's a surprising high level of bipartisan support for Notch Reform through "The Notch Fairness Act." This legislation would allow Notch Babies born from 1917 through 1926 a choice between a lump-sum of ,000 payable over a four-year period, or a higher monthly benefit. As of this writing, more than 94 cosponsors have signed on..The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction was created under the Budget Control Act of 2011, and is charged with finding at least .2 trillion in deficit cuts by Thanksgiving. It will likely consider proposals to reform Social Security and Medicare..This new data strengthens the argument that focusing on negotiating prices for the relatively small number of drugs that make up a disproportionately large amount of Medicare spending could help reduce the costs of prescription drugs to Medicare and the patients who use them..Rehab the kitchen. Mid to lower range kitchen remodels can have the highest return when you sell your home, but avoid going overboard. Most buyers don't like to pay extra for that professional 8-burner gas range or a fancy fridge. Replace missing drawers or those that no longer function. If your cabinets are outdated and beat up, a less expensive option to replacing them is resurfacing, which involves attaching a thin veneer to the surface, and replacing doors and hardware. Repair leaky facets, and replace stained or worn out sinks and fixtures. Consult with your real estate agent on counter tops - laminate instead of granite may be just fine..Should the Supreme Court strike down subsidies through the federal exchange, it remains unclear what Congress would do and how consumers would be impacted. Obamacare advocates say that consumers will not be required to pay back subsidies if the Court's ruling is unfavorable. However, TSCL advises caution since the Court has made no decision yet and the IRS has yet to issue guidance..Later in the week, the President doubled down on his promise to try and cut prices on branded prescription drugs. Word is out that the President is considering an executive order to combat the problems of high cost drugs sold to Medicare and other government programs..I'm 60 and I buy my own health insurance. Would I qualify for the new Obamacare health insurance exchanges? How much would I pay? I paid 1 per month this year, but I have a ,000 deductible with a ,000 annual maximum to keep my premiums affordable. My husband is getting Medicare and we depend on his Social Security for most of our income..A third initiative will increase access to nutritious foods for homebound individuals who can no longer drive by allowing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to be used for food delivery services. In addition, the Department of Transportation will be rolling out a new project called the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center. The .5 million initiative will help develop transportation options available to homebound older Americans.

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Last week TSCL was part of a virtual meeting with Senator John Thune who, as the Majority Whip, is the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell..New Congress Convenes.Between July 2013 and July 2014, the prices of more than 1,200 generic drugs increased an average of 448%. What do you believe should be done to manage the extreme cost increases of prescription drugs? … Continued

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Omnibus Work Continues in Congress.Ideally the Obama Administration should have the capacity to update consumers' subsidy information. But by late summer, they had not yet gotten that part of the system built. Even if you were to receive the same amount of premium subsidy that you received this year, that's likely to cause you problems. Here's why:.This week, TSCL was pleased to lend its support to Rep. Scott Rigell's H.Res. 66The resolution expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that any changes made to Medicare should not affect those over the age of fifty-five. It also states that any Medicare reform package should provide a detailed plan to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse within the program. … Continued

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