"The switch looks deceptively small on paper," says TSCL's Executive Director Shannon Benton. "But it would have a big impact on Social Security income," she says..If Congress does nothing and the Social Security disability trust fund is allowed to become fully exhausted, there will still be payroll taxes coming into the program, but 11 million disability beneficiaries would see their benefits automatically cut by about 20%, according to the Congressional Research Service.[2] The reallocation of payroll taxes from the retirement trust fund is likely to gain increasing attention from Congress in coming months, although it's unclear when or if Congress will act..Notch Reform is far from being over though. Officially there are more co-sponsors of "The Notch Fairness Act" than ever before at the end of the first year of a session of Congress and support is ahead of last-sessions record-breaking numbers. With enough co-sponsors signed on, TSCL and the grass roots can help force the bill to the floor for a straight up and down vote. We urge you, and the families of all Notch Babies, to contact your Members of Congress. Ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 615, and enact "The Notch Fairness Act.".Check the insurer's financial strength. Since you may have your.Seniors have earned their Social Security benefits. It is our duty as elected representatives to protect them, which strengthens the fabric of our nation, making our society healthier and our communities stronger..Long Term Care Ombudsmen: Find information about long term care facilities in your area, and investigations of complaints if you've encountered a problem..However, those projections were made prior to the severe economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Those funds will be affected both by the amount each program spends this year, and by the lower-than-projected revenue because of the depression-level unemployment. Those factors will not be determined until the end of this year. And until a vaccine or an effective treatment is found, the improvement in the economic outlook remains very uncertain..This week, Members of one Senate Appropriations Subcommittee approved a spending bill that would fund the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs through fiscal year 201In addition, The Senior Citizens League saw three key bills gain support..Ending surprise billing has been a priority for TSCL this year so we are very hopeful this bill does, in fact, finally pass.

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Medicare's extraordinarily high reimbursement rates for durable medical equipment like back braces and power wheel chairs have made it a particularly lucrative target for crooks and abuse billing practices. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently reported that an astonishing 66% of all durable medical equipment claims were improperly paid in the government's fiscal year 2012, costing Medicare more than billion..How would this compare with the "senior" CPI, the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly ? Estimates for TSCL indicate that if the CPI-E were to be used to determine the COLA for 2017 the COLA would be 1.7% - 1.1% higher than COLAs under the CPI-W, but federal poverty levels will rise as well..Statement of Martin H. Gerry, Social Security Administration, Before Subcommittee on Social Security of the House Committee on Ways and Means, March 2, 200Individuals Who Are Not Authorized To Work In The United States Were Paid .2 Billion In Refundable Credits, Treasury Inspector General For Tax Administration, July 7, 2011, 2011-41-06"Social Security Benefits For Noncitizens," Congressional Research Service, July 20, 2006, RL32004. … Continued

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Unfortunately, the two other changes that took effect last month will not affect seniors as positively. Young retirees will be hit with an increase in the threshold for the itemized deductions of medical expenses. Those under the age of sixty-five will not be able to deduct unreimbursed medical expenses unless they account for at least 10 percent of adjusted gross income. Those over the age of sixty-five may continue using the 7.5 percent threshold until 2017; however, all seniors should beware that this tax provision may be modified or even eliminated as lawmakers continue to search for ways to reduce the deficit..Social Security is a promise that the federal government has made to its citizens. It is a promise on which millions of Americans rely on, and one that needs to be there for them when they retire. I am proud to sponsor H.R. 141, and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in any capacity available, to ensure that we keep the promises we made to our public-sector employees..Get routine physicals and screenings done prior to the start of … Continued

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