The current Social Security system is like "longevity" insurance. Workers pay into the system through payroll tax withholdings up to the taxable limit on earnings. In return, retirees, and dependents on their account, receive monthly income when they claim benefits. According to projections by Johnson, an age - 66 retiree, who claims benefits in 2017 with an average benefit of ,300 a month, can expect to receive roughly 0,000 over the course of a 25- year retirement, assuming a 2.2 percent annual cost-of-living adjustment.."For this group of Medicare beneficiaries, this will also be the largest Medicare Part B increase in five years after premiums remained relatively flat since 2013," says Mary Johnson, a Social Security and Medicare Policy Analyst for The Senior Citizens League. The jump in premiums is due to a special provision of law known as "hold harmless," which protected millions of Social Security recipients from reductions to their Social Security benefits in 2016 and 2017, when then the annual - cost - of - living adjustments were zero and just 0.3 percent, respectively..The Democratic Platform.In years when there has been no, or almost no cost-of-living adjustment, Medicare Part B premiums have spiked significantly. TSCL is highly concerned that another Medicare Part B premium spike could occur again in 202Medicare beneficiaries who are not protected by the special provision of law known as the Social Security "hold harmless" provision could get hit with significantly steeper premium costs in 2021, and it may take several years before the majority of beneficiaries see their net Social Security benefit grow again..This week, TSCL announced its support for the Seniors and Veterans Emergency Benefits Act, which was introduced by Congressman Alan Grayson as a companion bill to Senator Elizabeth Warren's S. 2251..Ignoring dental problems, though, or skipping care, can harm your health. Chronic gum infections are associated with an increased risk for heart attack according to some studies..visiting the government's National Clearinghouse for Long Term Care Information.TSCL is hopeful that Congress will provide the Social Security Administration with the funding and staffing necessary to make progress on reducing the DI backlog. As Ranking Member John Larson said at Wednesday's hearing, "[A backlog of] six hundred days is flat-out unacceptable." In the coming weeks, TSCL will provide the Social Security Subcommittee with policy recommendations. We will summarize them here in the Legislative News section of our website after they are submitted to the Subcommittee for review..Top executives of the big drug companies have requested a meeting with White House officials this week to discuss how they can lower drug prices.

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"New Generic Drugs Can Save You Money," Consumer Reports magazine, May 2012..Although Social Security recipients didn't receive an annual cost of living adjustment this year, many are reporting that their costs are rising, and household budgets are getting squeezed, says The Senior Citizens League. Donna C. of New York, recently wrote to TSCL saying, "No inflation? Are you serious? What about the price of electricity, food, drugs, local taxes? All, going up. We can barely survive now, and you say there's no inflation? Who figures this stuff out and who decides?" she asks..New legislation to help the economy and give relief to the American people is urgently needed because at the end of this week the 0/month that unemployed workers were receiving will expire. In addition, there has been an order in place stopping any evictions of people from their homes if they fell behind in the mortgage payments or rent. That also expires at the end of this week. … Continued

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Lower revenues from the taxation of Social Security benefits. About 4% of Social Security's financing comes from the taxation of benefits. Because many retired household incomes were impacted by lower earnings, along with business and retirement account losses in 2020; the amount of revenues from the taxation of Social Security benefits was lower in 2020..It is unfair and unjust to expect American seniors to settle for a COLA that is less than what they have spent their entire lives working for, especially when America's seniors have to account for new expenses to keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why it is critical to base COLAs on an index that reflects what seniors actually spend their money on. It is time for Congress to take action and give our nation's seniors what they deserve..So how can we best use this momentum from our vaccine experience to build relationships with drug manufacturers and lower costs for consumers? TSCL is closely watching for drug price negotiation provisions to be included in legislation this year. What portion of your Social Security benefit do you spend on healthcare costs? Please take TSCL's 2021 Retirement Survey. … Continued

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