This year's study finds that Social Security benefits have lost 30 percent of buying power since the year 2000. This represents a 3-percentage point improvement in Social Security buying power from our 2019 study, which found a loss of 33 percent since 2000. While lower prices are good news in the short term, the deflationary trend suggests a very low COLA in 2021..Education and arts programs.Federal revenues are now expected to be .5 trillion less over the next decade. But, Uncle Sam still owes about .9 trillion in "interest" and the money needed to redeem the I.O.U.s held by the Social Security Trust Fund. Paying the interest and redeeming the bonds will necessitate greater borrowing, new revenues - or, benefits would have to be cut..That's why I introduced the Seniors and Veterans Emergency Benefits Act to give seniors on Social Security, veterans, and people with disabilities a one-time payment of 1 to help cover this gap. The bill is fully paid for by closing a tax loophole that allows corporations to write off obscene bonuses to top executives as business expenses for their taxes..By Jessie Gibbons, Senior Policy Analyst.Some home healthcare can be deductible. In order for home healthcare expenses to be deductible, those who require the care must be unable to perform two or more of six activities of daily living and have a plan of care from a physician that specifies help with these tasks..Yes, unfortunately this is correct. Under current law Social Security benefits are not payable for the month in which a beneficiary dies. This is so even when the beneficiary, like your husband, passes away on the last day of the month. However, according to the Social Security Administration the check that an individual receives in a given month is the payment for the preceding month. That means the check that your husband received during the month of March was his benefit for February, which you would be entitled to keep. It is the March payment that you would have received in April, and any thereafter that must be returned..According to Aging Committee Chairman Susan Collins, 5.7 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer's disease, and it is the sixth leading cause of death. In her opening statement, Chairman Collins said: "If we continue along this trajectory, Alzheimer's is projected to claim the minds of nearly 14 million seniors and surpass trillion in costs by 2050.".Was your surgery for an inpatient or outpatient procedure? Even when you spend one or more nights in the hospital, that doesn't automatically make you an inpatient. Ask your hospital or facility's billing department. Whether the service is provided as an inpatient or outpatient is important, because it will be billed differently. If your elective surgery was an outpatient procedure and your anesthesiologist billed it as an inpatient service, or vice versa, then Medicare or your health plan may reject the bill. If an error was made, ask your anesthesiologist to correct the bill and resubmit it.

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Caregiver support: You and others helping with your mom can get caregiver training and information about respite care..By U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright.The health-related negatives of fried food include generally higher calories and fat, as well as extra salt and a tastiness that often leads people to eat multiple servings, which contributes to weight problems. … Continued

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Estimates by the Social Security Administration indicate that if the taxable maximum were eliminated, and the payroll tax of 12.4% were applied to all earnings, that program solvency would be extended as much as 40 years. This includes allowing retired workers credit for benefits on the higher earnings. And not only would lifting the taxable maximum keep the program financed well into future, it would pay for providing a more fair and slightly higher COLA using the CPI-E..Drug prices in the U.S. are much higher than in other developed countries, because there are no federal laws regulating prices. In fact, the law specifically forbids Medicare from negotiating prices on behalf of its beneficiaries. Allowing the importation of prescription drugs from countries such as Canada, where drugs are less expensive, has the potential to lower drug costs for both U.S. consumers and the federal government..Food is one of the top three categories of expenses for most people who rely on Social Security. While the price of gasoline has gone down, food costs, especially meats, have continued to climb. Here are five ways to lower the food bill: … Continued

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