This week, the partial federal government shutdown continued for the fifth week, and The Senior Citizens League announced its support for one new bill that would expand Medicare coverage to include essential health services..Elizabeth Curda of the Government Accountability Office explained that the operating system for filing and processing these claims was built in the 1950s and requires .1 billion just to maintain, not to improve, the system. Max Stier from the Partnership for Public Service said: "We have a legacy government that hasn't kept up with the world.".TSCL is continuing to meet with lawmakers and deliver your petitions calling for a fair COLA. To send an email to your member of Congress now!.Medicare Advantage plans have the flexibility to waive co-pays and deductible costs for patients in cases of a disaster or emergency. Most Medicare Advantage insurers announced they are doing so for treatment of COVID-1To learn the details of what your dad's health plan is doing to respond to COVID-19, you can find a list Medicare Advantage insurers and how they are responding on the website of the American Health Insurance Plans..I've received numerous automated phone calls offering "free" Medicare-covered items like back braces and diabetes supplies. I'm not 65, not eligible for Medicare yet and I'm on the national DO NOT CALL list. Are suppliers allowed to do this?.This question is signficant in light of proposals.Notch Bulletin: Does Your Representative Support Notch Reform? Help Us Build Key Support Now.chances are we may have a chronic health condition that requires regular.Johnson compared the lowest and highest cost between drug plans for a list of 12 frequently - prescribed drugs. The list includes commonly prescribed brand name and specialty drugs, as well as two widely - used generics. The analysis found:.So, I set the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

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By Mike Watson, TSCL Legislative Assistant.More people than ever face a lower standard of living in retirement, according to a growing number of troubling new studies. There are several reasons why this is occurring:.It depends. If you meet the requirements you're OK to delay. It's important to keep in mind that failure to enroll in Medicare on time is one of the most costly mistakes that working Medicare-age seniors make. You can wind up getting hit with late enrollment penalties that you'll have to pay every year for the rest of your life. Those penalties could drain thousands in extra Medicare costs from you and your wife's savings and income. … Continued

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Eliminates the Part D late enrollment penalty if you delayed signing up for Part D when you first qualified..While TSCL strongly agrees that the time has come for Congress to take action on Social Security and Medicare, we question whether rescue committees would work as desired. Over the past 25 years there have been numerous committees and commissions that developed contentious plans to change Social Security and Medicare. None have been successful in getting their plans adopted as major legislation..Rep. Bill Pascrell has urged President Biden to fire the entire USPS Board of Governors. "The continued challenges in preserving our Postal Service to survive and endure are gargantuan, and so demand bold solutions to meet them. To begin that work, we must have a governing body that can be trusted to represent the public interest," Pascrell wrote. … Continued

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