People who are 65 years and older also should be up to date with pneumococcal vaccination to protect against pneumococcal disease, such as pneumonia, meningitis, and bloodstream infections. Talk to your health care provider to find out which pneumococcal vaccines are recommended for you..Since 2000, Social Security benefits have lost 23 percent of their purchasing power due to inaccurate inflation adjustments based on the CPI-W. This year, for instance, seniors would be receiving a 2.1 percent Social Security benefit increase if the COLA were based on the CPI-E. Instead, they are receiving a 0.3 percent COLA that is offset completely by increased Medicare Part B premiums..This may not be true once Members of Congress start purchasing insurance though the exchanges in 201In 2014 the exchanges will offer health insurance to individuals who don't get coverage through their employers, and, to small businesses. Large employers aren't scheduled to offer insurance to their employees through the exchanges until 2017, so it remains uncertain whether the exchanges would be ready to accept federal government's contributions towards premiums next year..Tell us what you think! It's time for the TSCL's 2019 Senior Survey. This is your opportunity to let us know what you think about major proposals affecting your benefits. Tell us how rising costs are affecting you. The answers to these questions help us inform journalists, the public, and Members of Congress on how older Americans are faring in retirement today. Your participation is helping to change the national dialogue on the adequacy of Social Security benefits, and throwing a spotlight on the growing problem of the ability of COLAs to maintain the buying power of your benefits..Can you afford a 24% cut in your Social Security check? Can you afford to pay even more than you do now for your health care after you get a 24% cut in your Social Security?.Find out if there are less costly options you can try: If you learn you are taking an expensive drug or one that's not covered by your drug plan, call your doctor to find out if there are generics or older, less expensive drugs that you could try. When trying out a new prescription ask your doctor for free samples, to allow time to determine whether it will treat your condition as effectively, and to monitor for potential negative side effects..Burwell Nomination Advances.table-2.President Trump announced last week that there will be a new type of Medicare prescription drug plan that will cap insulin costs at per month for some seniors who have diabetes. While TSCL applauds that as far as it goes, it is woefully short of what is needed.

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The Internal Revenue Service interpreted the law to allow eligible consumers to receive premium subsidies regardless of whether the exchange was run by their state or by the federal government. Challengers of the law question that interpretation, saying that the law as written clearly directs subsidies to state-run exchanges only. Health law proponents say that lawmakers fully intended that subsidies be offered on all exchanges, regardless of whether they were administered by the states or federal government..The piece of the law under discussion relates to the way the government subsidizes companies that provide prescription drug coverage to retirees. When Congress created Medicare Part D, it also created an incentive for employers to continue providing prescription drug coverage to their retirees. Under current law, the government subsidizes 28% of the costs that employers incur from providing prescription drug coverage to retirees who are at least 65 and Medicare eligible. The companies that receive the subsidy are then allowed to deduct 100% of the costs of providing coverage to their retirees from their taxes - this deduction also includes the 28% subsidy that the government provides. The new healthcare law keeps the 28% subsidy intact but starting in 2013 it removes the ability of companies in computing their taxes to deduct the subsidy they receive from the government..On Tuesday, just hours before a 21 percent pay cut for physicians was set to take effect, the Senate approved legislation to repeal and replace the SGR the flawed formula that determines reimbursement rates for doctors who treat Medicare patients. The bill, which was passed by the House two weeks ago, was adopted on Tuesday with a vote of 92-Shortly thereafter, President Obama released a statement saying that he "will be proud to sign it into law." … Continued

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Transportation services.With President Obama pushing for an immigration bill "by the end of the summer," Congress is rapidly moving major immigration reform legislation. Under the bill passed in the Senate, an estimated 8-11 million unauthorized immigrants would receive work authorization, giving them access to Social Security numbers and with it entitlement to Social Security and Medicare benefits with ten years of earnings..There are several types of Medicare Advantage plans, and not all are available in all areas. Many are health maintenance organizations, but there are also preferred provider organizations and special needs plans, among others. Under traditional Medicare with a Medigap plan, you may go to any doctor who accepts Medicare. But in a Medicare Advantage HMO plan you need to use network healthcare providers in order to get coverage. If you are treated by non-network providers, you would be responsible for 100% of the out-of-pocket costs, and Medicare would not cover the cost of the claim. If the plan is a PPO, however, you would have greater flexibility to go out of network, but you would pay higher co-pays or co-insurance. Before selecting any Medicare Advantage plan, check the lists of network doctors, hospitals and other providers! It is not unheard of for Medicare Advantage plans to market to people who live a good distance from the nearest in network health care provider. … Continued

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