The good news is that while Covid-19 continues to kill close to 1,000 Americans a day, advances in medical care and the growing experience of doctors are improving the chances of survival for those who develop dangerous cases of the infection, according to a report in Bloomberg News..When a pharmaceutical industry leader attempted to avoid questions about the pharmaceutical company representative buying alcohol for doctors, McCaskill pressed them for a yes-or-no answer. Ultimately, she admitted there were no rules to prohibit this from taking place, and defended the industry as simply trying to communicate information about prescription medications..Retirees need to pay attention to income from tax-deferred retirement accounts, pensions, annuities and Social Security benefits, in addition to other streams of income from any jobs, rental property, or income from a business. Failing to pay the right amount throughout the year could subject you to a tax penalty next April when your federal return is filed..Alexandria, VA deadline is looming for more than 8.9 million disabled Social Security beneficiaries as well as 1.8 million of their children, warns The Senior Citizens League. So far Congress has not made public any long-term plan to head off a 20% cut of Social Security disability benefits that would occur in about two years. "All Social Security beneficiaries are waiting to learn how our newly elected lawmakers intend to remedy the situation," says TSCL Chairman, Ed Cates..The Trustees estimated that Social Security's Old-Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund, which funds the retirement program, will be able to pay out full benefits until 2035 one year longer than last year's projection. They also found that Medicare's Hospital Insurance trust fund will remain solvent until 2030 the same as last year's projection and that enrollee costs are growing at historically low levels, especially for Parts A and D..Survey participants were asked: "Since the start of 2021, which of the following budget categories increased fastest in your household?".Here are the seven policy priorities for the disability program that we shared, based on overwhelming support in our recent polls and surveys of our members and supporters. Many of them appeared in the budget deal that was reached in October..Senator Thune also said there are no plans for the Senate to stay in session longer than it normally would to get their work done. That means they will take their usual August break as well as the usual recesses during upcoming holidays..Ending surprise billing has been a priority for TSCL this year so we are very hopeful this bill does, in fact, finally pass.

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Your contact with Members of Congress is important now and could help clear the legislative path for this important legislation. Call your Member of Congress now toll free at. Calls to your elected lawmakers made on this number will be paid for by The Senior Citizens League..Right now, every politician in Washington has his or her eye on November. That is when the voters speak and hold their elected officials accountable..Meanwhile, Republicans argued that Medicare should not be expanded when its hospital fund is already slated to be insolvent in 2026. … Continued

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The plan would comprehensively reform Medicare by transforming it into a "premium support" program, where seniors would be given vouchers by the federal government to purchase private health insurance coverage on a federal exchange. Experts predict that "premium support" models like the one laid out in the "Budget for a Brighter American Future" would result in substantially higher out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries over time..While Part D costs are not capped, there is a "catastrophic level" of coverage that kicks in once Part D enrollees spend ,000 of their own money out-of-pocket. Five thousand dollars is just the threshold in 201That threshold is forecast to rise to more than ,000 per year in just eight years. Even worse, the ,000 threshold is just for your covered drugs under Part D. It does not include other out-of-pocket spending for Medicare, such drugs you may receive through Medicare Part B, and all other out-of-pocket feels just as crummy. … Continued

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