In the coming days and weeks, TSCL will monitor the AHCA's movement very closely, and we will continue to advocate against provisions of the bill that would jeopardize the health of older Americans. For progress updates, follow TSCL on Twitter or Facebook..Eye exams, eye glasses, and contact lenses.."We continue to see this as a critical public health tool," CDC Director Robert Redfield said. Responding to questions about large public gathers of unmasked people, he stated that, "obviously we're very concerned that our public health message isn't resonating.".It would: require Medicare to negotiate lower Part D drug prices, allow individuals to import prescription drugs from Canada, require greater price transparency from drug manufacturers, accelerate the closing of the Part D "doughnut hole," restore drug rebates for low-income seniors, and put a 0 monthly cap on prescription drug spending for individuals. Together, these changes would dramatically reduce drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries. In the coming months, TSCL will continue to work towards its passage in Congress..TSCL is pleased that lawmakers in Congress are finally making progress on a solution that would give public servants the retirement security they have earned and deserve. The bill currently has more than sixty cosponsors, with support on both sides of the aisle. Following the hearing, TSCL sent a letter to the subcommittee in support of it. In the months ahead, we will encourage lawmakers to sign on to the Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act as cosponsors, and we hope to see it signed into law before the end of this year..Work Continues on Spending Bill.Call Congress.Following the Senate HELP Committee hearing, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health met on February 28th to discuss how law enforcement and opioid addiction specialists can help combat the epidemic in their communities. Chairman Michael Burgess highlighted several promising bills that could help put a stop to the epidemic. Once such example is H.R. 5041, the Safe Disposal of Unused Medication Act, which would allow hospice workers to dispose of extra opioid medication an action they are currently prohibited from doing..I decide to water my flowerpots.

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Social Security Subcommittee Discusses SSA Leadership.The U.S. Treasury has borrowed .8 trillion from Social Security, but in recent years Congress has battled over the borrowing required to repay the Trust Fund. Some are calling instead for COLA and other "entitlement" cuts..Rep. Bill Pascrell has urged President Biden to fire the entire USPS Board of Governors. "The continued challenges in preserving our Postal Service to survive and endure are gargantuan, and so demand bold solutions to meet them. To begin that work, we must have a governing body that can be trusted to represent the public interest," Pascrell wrote. … Continued

Demise Of The Health Care Mascot

Extending The Payroll Tax Cuts: Employees' Social Security payroll taxes were reduced by 2 to 4.2 percent in December. Because it makes the Social Security trust funds reliant on general revenues, it would jeopardize the Administration's ability to fully pay Social Security benefits now, especially as we approach the August 2nd debt limit..Congress Adjourns for Summer Recess.Could the annual Social Security cost-of-living adjustment be more fairly adjusted to provide a fixed annual dollar amount? If the dollar amount of the increase were to be based on middle income, then low- and middle-income beneficiaries would be on more equal footing, and higher income beneficiaries would not be hurt any worse than we typically are anyway like this year with a 1.3% COLA! … Continued

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