First, the Social Security 2100 Act gained one new cosponsor in Representative Diana DeGette, bringing the cosponsor total to 17If signed into law, H.R. 1902 would strengthen Social Security benefits by make cost-of-living adjustments more adequate, increasing monthly benefits by 2%, creating a new Special Minimum Benefit equal to 125% of the poverty line, providing a tax cut to Social Security beneficiaries, applying the payroll tax to annual income over 0,000, and gradually increasing the payroll tax rate by 0.25%..To read our full recommendations to Congress or for more information on the recent budget deal, visit our website at.."The Cuts To A Major Disability Program In Trump's Budget," Jacqueline Alemany, CBS News, June 1, 2017..For more information on the Social Security Fairness Act, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website. To stay updated on its progress in Congress, follow TSCL on Facebook or Twitter..I'm 60 and I buy my own health insurance. Would I qualify for the new Obamacare health insurance exchanges? How much would I pay? I paid 1 per month this year, but I have a ,000 deductible with a ,000 annual maximum to keep my premiums affordable. My husband is getting Medicare and we depend on his Social Security for most of our income..For years, TSCL has been advocating on Capitol Hill for a more fair and accurate Social Security COLA for beneficiaries. The Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act legislation introduced by Rep. Michael Honda is a common-sense solution that would better protect the purchasing power of Social Security benefits since it would use a more accurate measure of inflation..Since its inception, Medicare has undergone a number of changes. Since 1972 the program has covered disabled persons under 6In the last 25 years, beneficiaries were given the option to obtain services through private managed care arrangements. And most recently, the passage of the Affordable Care Act strengthened Medicare by closing the prescription "donut hole" and expanding preventative services with no deductible or co-pay..That's changing this year due to new Medicare rules that require suppliers to engage in competitive bidding to supply seniors with this equipment. A two-year pilot of competitive bidding in nine cities succeeded in lowering Medicare's durable medical equipment costs by a third. Lower costs for Medicare should also mean lower co-pays for seniors..New legislation to help the economy and give relief to the American people is urgently needed because at the end of this week the 0/month that unemployed workers were receiving will expire. In addition, there has been an order in place stopping any evictions of people from their homes if they fell behind in the mortgage payments or rent. That also expires at the end of this week.

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Most people don't realize how much money they give up by claiming benefits at age 6For example, consider a woman entitled to a monthly benefit of ,500 at her full retirement age of 6Assuming she lives to age 95 and receives cost-of-living adjustments of about 2.3%, she would receive 8,665 over the course of her retirement. Her final monthly benefit payment would be ,827..The new drug's availability expands the choices that patients and physicians have for treating the chronic, metabolic illness diabetes. The new product potentially reduces the cost of treatment for patients as they navigate different options..If adopted, S. 269 would strengthen and reform the Social Security program by providing beneficiaries with a 2 percent benefit boost, basing cost-of-living adjustments on the CPI-E, creating a new minimum benefit set at 125 percent of the poverty line, and cutting taxes for beneficiaries. It would also apply the payroll tax to income over 0,000 and gradually increase the payroll tax rate to 7.4 percent. … Continued

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Shop the bulk bins: Stores like Whole Foods have bulk foods like dry beans, oatmeal, rice and spices. You can buy as much or as little as you need, which helps ensure freshness and flavor when cooking for one or two. Frequently the price per pound when buying bulk is much lower than packaged goods, but compare..Social Security Subcommittee Discusses SSA Leadership."The Cuts To A Major Disability Program In Trump's Budget," Jacqueline Alemany, CBS News, June 1, 2017. … Continued

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