Instead, they are banking on seniors losing the grit and determination that saw them build America into the greatest economic and military power the world has ever known, in order to tax more, spend more, borrow more, and leave us a diminished nation. The generation of my mother and father left me a nation of opportunity and freedom. I assure you, I am reminded of that legacy every day I am in Congress, and remain determined to leave my children, and your grandchildren, a stronger nation..These provisions are outdated and unfair to many seniors, and it's time to repeal them. Workers who paid into Social Security and their spouses should not be penalized and lose earned benefits for working in public service and the private sector. If you paid into Social Security, this is your money, not a government entitlement or subsidy..Out-of-network emergency services, which would include services furnished after a patient is stabilized unless notice and consent criteria are met..High premiums don't necessarily purchase better coverage. The generic blood pressure medication, Lisinopril, is one of the most commonly used prescriptions by Medicare beneficiaries. The least expensive Part D plan charges Year after year, physicians who treat Medicare patients are threatened with scheduled pay cuts that Members of Congress consistently override. While doctors, patients, and lawmakers have grown accustomed to the "doc fix," the ritual has grown unpleasant for all involved. Doctors are fed up with the looming pay cuts, patients are losing access to their trusted physicians, and lawmakers are tired of the political sparring that occurs each time a pay patch is needed..Someone calls or visits asking for your address or Social Security Number and reads incorrect information that they claim to have for you. This is the typical way in which scammers attempt to bait you into supplying information they want, which includes your address, email address, or Social Security number. Don't take the bait. Never give out your Social Security number to anyone who calls you on the phone or knocks on your door..Shop the bulk bins: Stores like Whole Foods have bulk foods like dry beans, oatmeal, rice and spices. You can buy as much or as little as you need, which helps ensure freshness and flavor when cooking for one or two. Frequently the price per pound when buying bulk is much lower than packaged goods, but compare..TSCL opposes such plans since evidence shows they would result in higher out-of-pocket costs for most older Americans, and we will advocate against them as the administration attempts to build support. To stay updated on the latest Medicare reform news from Washington, visit the Legislative News section of our website..Our voices and our votes collectively are how we counteract all the money the drug companies throw around to influence Congress..The most recent report is that the Trump administration expects to begin sending 0 prescription drug discount cards to seniors by Jan. 1..Under current law, no legal guarantee to Social Security benefits exists, even for those who meet all required eligibility criteria. This means that Congress may enact unexpected benefit cuts or the Social Security Administration may pay reduced benefits if the necessary funds are unavailable..TSCL's estimate of average Medicare costs includes:.In 2012, the GPO reduced by two-thirds the Social Security benefits received by nearly 600,000 surviving spouses who also collect a government pension. Nine out of 10 public employees affected by the GPO lose their entire spousal benefit, even though their spouse paid Social Security taxes for many years. copay for the drug, and the plan's monthly premium is just .50 in the zip code used in the analysis. The most expensive plan charges a co-pay of .19, and the plan has a monthly premium of .30. Counting premiums, that's a difference of ,055.88 for the entire year..A second strategy that was changed permitted married couples who reached full retirement age to file a "restricted application" which allowed individuals to collect only a spousal benefit, while their own benefits continued to increase. Unlike file and suspend, this change applies to people younger than age 62 by the end of 2015, so you still can take advantage of some planning to maximize what you get..However, because Democratic control of Congress is so narrow, especially in the Senate but also in the House, the chances of passing anything this year remain uncertain, at best. Democrats are divided in what they want to accomplish so coming up with a majority in the House has been a struggle. Without complete Democratic unity in the Senate nothing can pass there..In some cases, where the surviving spouse is younger, or there is a disabled child, the higher monthly benefit might be preferable because presumably it would be payable for a longer period of time. In addition, the Notch Reform benefit would be split among eligible survivors, for example, a widow and a former divorced spouse. Under these circumstances the higher monthly benefit may also yield more than the lump-sum. But for most Notch Babies or their survivors, TSCL believes the lump-sum would provide a higher benefit..But then I think, since I can run down to the post-box when I take out the trash, I may as well pay the bills first..But those "extraordinary measures" can only last so long. Without congressional action, the Treasury Department will run out of borrowing authority in just a few months and it won't have the funds needed to pay the country's bills including Social Security benefits and Medicare reimbursements.

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Talk in Congress about Social Security boost, maybe but not for awhile.Coronavirus may derail Senate plans for other legislation.TSCL's report contains one of the only up-to-date compilations of Social Security's Earnings Suspense File data, based on government documents, and updated with the most recent Social Security Administration data annually. The data indicate that in the years immediately following the 1986 immigration amnesty, the Earnings Suspense File grew at an unprecedented pace. From 2000 to 2011 the number of mismatched wage reports doubled, jumping from 52 million reported from 1990 to 1999 to 109.7 million from 2000 to 201In addition, the amount of average annual wages represented by the reports has also grown considerably since the 1990s - about 60%, after adjusting for inflation. … Continued

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Nearly 20% of participants in TSCL's Senior Survey say they spent ,100 or more out-of-pocket on prescription drugs in 201And, as we age, all of us face the grim potential that a new health problem could increase our spending on prescription drugs to this level. Doing nothing to lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries is not a good option..cuts 0 billion from Medicare funding, and would cause the Medicare Trust Fund to go insolvent almost immediately,.While neither platform outlines a comprehensive path forward for Social Security, they do offer two dramatically different stances on the program's future. The Democrats adopted a platform that prioritizes an expansion of Social Security, while the Republicans committed to reforming the program in a way that improves the program's financial outlook without using revenue increases to do so. … Continued

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