The age at which individuals become eligible for full, un-reduced Social Security benefits is rising. Your full retirement age is based on the year when you were born and, for people born in 1960 and later, the full retirement age is 6The earliest age at which you can claim a retirement benefit is 6However, claiming benefits prior to your full retirement age comes with expensive trade-offs. It's unlikely to be your best choice if your aim is to maximize your retirement income over the long haul..TSCL worked hard for the Medicare Part B "roll back" last fall which prevented an even larger Part B premium spike in 2016, and stands ready to ask lawmakers to do the same in 201You can help: Contact your Representative in the House and Senators now and ask your lawmakers to take action to stop the Medicare Part B premium spike. Call your lawmakers toll free at or send an email to your Members of Congress.."Lawmakers Never Faced With Losing Benefits," The Associated Press, April 19, 2006..TSCL enthusiastically supports H.R. 1030, H.R. 1795, and H.R. 1179, and we were pleased to see support grow for each one this week..How can illegal immigrants get Social Security? They don't pay taxes!.Seniors deserve a Washington that works for them, and every American should be able to retire and live with dignity. I'm committed to doing everything I can in the Senate to ensure that happens..A balanced budget amendment to the constitution might sound like a good idea on the surface, but when the details are examined, it could be disastrous for programs like Social Security and Medicare. The Senior Citizens League tirelessly advocated against its adoption when it was considered earlier this year, and because lawmakers aren't giving up on it anytime soon, we aren't either..Under the new policy, illegal immigrants younger than 30 years old, who came to the United States before the age of 16, will be allowed to remain in the country without risk of deportation and to get work permits if they have been law-abiding and meet certain requirements. Although the policy does not grant legal status, work authorization would provide access to Social Security numbers..Uncertain: 17%

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In a letter of endorsement to Rep. Valadao, Ed Cates TSCL's Chairman wrote, "As you know, identity theft is a significant and growing problem, and older Americans are disproportionately affected since they rely heavily on paper mail carried by postal delivery services. Greater protection from identity theft is critical to our members and supporters nation-wide.".Barbara has a number of ways she tries to cope. She qualifies for an age reduction waiver on real estate taxes, and energy assistance to help cover the cost of heating her home. To save on her phone bill, she asked her phone company for a discount and got it. She uses shopping points from Kroger where she buys groceries to save money on gasoline..On Wednesday, lawmakers on the Senate HELP Committee held a courtesy hearing to question Representative Tom Price, a Congressman from Georgia and an orthopedic surgeon who has been nominated to fill the position of HHS Secretary. Both the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services fall under the jurisdiction of HHS, and the agency has one of the federal government's largest budgets at trillion. … Continued

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If adopted, it would provide beneficiaries with a 2 percent benefit boost, base cost-of-living adjustments on the more accurate Consumer Price Index for the Elderly, create a new minimum benefit set at 125 percent of the poverty line, and eliminate taxes on Social Security benefits for millions of seniors. It would also extend the solvency of the program through the year 2100 without cutting benefits for current or future retirees. TSCL was pleased to see support grow for H.R. 1902 this week, and we hope to see it signed into law before the end of this year..As we said earlier, the end of the federal government's 2020 fiscal year is fast approaching and unless Congress can pass new funding legislation before then, we face the possibility of another government shutdown. Last week the House of Representatives passed a four-bill fiscal 2021 spending package, advancing its first annual funding measure of the year. The legislation includes State and Foreign Operations, Agriculture-FDA, Interior-Environment, and Military Construction-VA funding..But the hyper - inflation of 2021also means that Social Security recipients are likely to see the highest cost-of-living adjustment in almost four decades. Johnson estimates that the Social Security COLA payable in 2022 will be about 6.2 percent if the current trends continue. "That's a huge boost, coming after COLAs have averaged a meager 1.4 percent over the past 12 years," Johnson notes. … Continued

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