Rural hospitals deserve the same reimbursement rates that big city hospitals receive for providing the same treatments. Patients at rural hospitals deserve the same level of care patients receive at larger hospitals. The Rural Health Care Coalition is simply asking for a level playing field the H-CARE Act does just that..TSCL could not agree more with Congressman Schiff, and we enthusiastically lend our support to H.R. 97In the months ahead, our legislative team will work tirelessly to help build support for the critical piece of legislation..What do you think? If you have not already done so, please take our 2019 Senior Survey at..Homeowners and renter's insurance: With severe weather-related disasters, homeowner's insurance is one of the top ten fastest rising senior costs. If you haven't done so recently, review your coverage and determine whether it's based on the current value of your home and realistic current replacement costs. Many policies have new deductibles for wind and hurricane damage based on a percentage of your home's value, so take care and look before being tempted to increase deductibles to lower premium costs. Do shop around with other highly rated insurers to see if you can lower your premiums..The coronavirus caused approximately 375,000 deaths and was the third leading cause of death in 2020, after heart disease and cancer. Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. now top 550,000 since the start of the pandemic..Get help. Free one-on-one counseling is available to assist you in comparing health plans through your State Health Insurance Program : Check this link for your local program and make an appointment with a counsellor. Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15 and runs through December 7, 202Medicare counselors can help you consider important pros and cons. There are hidden pitfalls to some choices. Dropping your current coverage in favor of a low - cost health plan touting extra benefits is not a good idea until you've checked important details..There are special rules that allow you to delay sign up for Medicare Part B when you receive healthcare benefits through work. You need to satisfy these three requirements:.However, some advisors have said it would be unwise for Biden to clean house. The board currently has four Republican governors, two Democratic governors and three vacancies..By Representative Elijah E. Cummings,

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For example, if you and your spouse were over the age of 65 in 2016 and had an AGI of ,000, you could deduct the amount of allowable medical expenses over ,750, which is 7.5% of ,000. If your total medical expenses were ,000 you could deduct ,250.As we look to the start of the 117th Congress, my commitment to seniors and workers is to fully support Social Security and Medicare and to oppose cuts to these vital programs. We have many challenges ahead of us. We must keep the economy moving and growing again as we fight coronavirus. Government spending must get under control. And we must ensure Social Security and Medicare works for today's seniors and future generations. There are ways to do both!.In your case, you will receive your full benefit at age 6But if you delay until age 70, you'll boost your full benefit by 8% each full year you delay after your full retirement age until age 70. There are other considerations as well. While you may work and receive benefits at the same time, if you are under full retirement age you are restricted in how much you may earn before your benefits will be reduced. Earn more than the exempt amount, and your benefit will be withheld for every in earnings above the limit. In addition, Social Security benefits may add to your taxable income. A portion of your benefits are taxable when your modified adjusted gross income is over ,000 or ,000. … Continued

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The plan would affect both current and future Medicare beneficiaries by carving Medicare into two systems. People who already receive Medicare would continue under the current system. People who turn 65 by 2021 would receive a voucher to purchase private insurance..two separate apartments, consider renting a portion of your home, or following a.In past years, Congress has chosen to allow this cost to shift to the 30 percent beneficiaries who are not held harmless. The total cost increase is spread over far fewer people, instead of all beneficiaries, and those who are not protected pay a much bigger share of Medicare Part B costs. This could happen again for the 2021 premium. … Continued

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