Under current law, the Medicare program excludes coverage of most routine and emergency dental care, including cleanings, fillings, root canals, and extractions. As a result, around 70 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are left without comprehensive dental insurance coverage. The Medicare Dental Benefit Act would correct this to ensure that seniors have access to essential health care. Will you cosponsor this important bill?.Such a minimum guarantee would go a long way to protect beneficiaries in years when there is no COLA. Had such a 3% minimum COLA guarantee been in effect since 2009, the average benefit of ,075 in 2009 would be 5 per month/ ,580 year higher today - about 18%. A minimum COLA would also eliminate the problem of benefits remaining flat for years, at a time during periods when Medicare Part B premiums increase more than the COLA raises benefits..While the drug industry gave money to a broad range of candidates, it focused in particular on those on key committees that oversee health care legislation.".Publication: How Work Affects Your Benefits SSA Publication No. 05-10069.Members of the Maryland Congressional delegation recently sent a letter to the Postmaster General complaining of the poor service. They stated in part:.Fresh is not always more healthful than frozen. From the moment fruits and vegetables are harvested, they begin to lose nutrients. Fruits and vegetables grown in North America may spend up to 5 days in transit before arriving at a distribution center, and another 1-3 days on display prior to purchase. Consumers may keep their produce for up to 7 days prior to consumption. Consequently, fresh produce can lose a considerable amount of nutrients before consumption. A University of California study found, for example, that vitamin C losses in vegetables stored 7 days range from 15% for green peas, to 77% for green beans. Unless you are harvesting and consuming your own home grown fruits and vegetables within a few hours of picking, frozen choices may be just as high in nutrients..The Senior Citizens League supports legislation The Social Security 2100 Act, H.R. 1391, introduced by Representative John Larson, that would adjust the income thresholds to ,000 for single filers and 0,000 for joint filers, and replace it with other sources of revenue..TSCL delivered letters to Congress this week urging lawmakers in the House and Senate to become cosponsors of the bill, and to sign it into law before the end of this year. For progress updates on the CPI-E Act, visit the Bill Tracking section of our website or follow TSCL on Twitter.."One of the most difficult tasks facing Congress is overcoming a huge public credibility gap," warns TSCL Chairman Ed Cates. The public overwhelmingly views Social Security as one combined Trust Fund, which provides retirement, survivors and disability benefits. "In reality there are two - one for retirement and survivors benefits and one for disability benefits - and they operate separately," Cates notes.

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Despite these obstacles, Subcommittee Members were relentless in their requests for CMS to reform the system. A frustrated Chairman Herger stated, "To date, CMS has offered little beyond excuses and questionable reports. If CMS does not responsibly act, then Congress will require them to." Trenkle closed the hearing with an agreement to provide the Subcommittee with an updated list of options and cost estimates by the beginning of next year. TSCL will continue to monitor any movement on this important issue..If he should choose to veto the bill all bets are off as to what would happen next..Budget Deal Passes With Provisions To Head Off SSDI Benefit Cut … Continued

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This week, The Senior Citizens League announced its support for two bills that would improve Medicare coverage of certain services. First, TSCL endorsed the Audiology Patient Choice Act, a bipartisan bill that was introduced in March by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Rand Paul. The bill was introduced in the House last year by Representative Tom Rice with the support of several cosponsors..Sen. Mark Begich introduced S. 308 on February 13, 201It has since been referred to the Committee on Finance..and screenings are generally scheduled about 12 months apart, but try to get … Continued

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