To see if your Members of Congress will be holding town hall meetings in the final days of the spring recess, click HERE or call their local offices. You can find contact information HERE..What you can do:.Here is a big part of the answer. An analysis by Stat News of campaign finance records shows that the pharmaceutical industry donated to more than two-thirds of Congress as well as 2,467 state lawmakers during the last campaign cycle -- to the tune of over million..Medicare Advantage plans are popular in many areas of the country for low, monthly premiums, having an annual out-of-pocket maximum, and for offering supplemental benefits not currently covered by Medicare, such as dental and vision coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans also provide prescription drug benefits..Ways and Means Subcommittees Consider Entitlement Reform.A stronger nation is a nation where Social Security and Medicare are there for your children and grandchildren. It means a nation where we keep our promises and innovate for the future. For those of you 55 and over, the programs you paid into, planned on, and live with, will be there for you no changes. But for those under 55, hard choices must be made. As the debate continues about how best to preserve these programs, I wanted to reassure you all that nothing I ever vote on or support, will change the benefits and promises you earned period..Expanding Social Security by ensuring fair payroll tax policies can not only ensure Social Security solvency for years to come, but can help people enjoy a more comfortable retirement without deep benefit cuts..Here are some other deductions you might be able to itemize:.Economic forecasts for 2013 warn of a financial crisis ahead. Nobody is feeling it more acutely than seniors living on fixed incomes. Retirees and disabled adults won't see much of a cost-of-living adjustment increase in benefits this year. At 1.7%, the 2013 is one of the lowest ever paid, not counting 2010 and 2011 when no COLA was payable at all. Timing couldn't be worse.

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Sen. Enzi, one of the leading negotiators, said in a statement: "Congress is poised to approve a 10-year balanced budget for the first time since 2001, which represents an important step in confronting the nation's chronic overspending. This will help change the way we do business here in Washington to make the government live within its means just like hardworking families.".This week, lawmakers in the House and Senate remained in their home states and districts for the remainder of the two-week spring recess. Both chambers are scheduled to be back in session by Tuesday, April 25th..That said, roughly 30 percent of beneficiaries are not protected by the provision, and they can be subject to substantial spikes in the Part B premiums. In the past, the costs of the unpaid portion of Medicare Part B premiums of those who were protected by hold harmless were shifted to those who were not protected by the provision. Because fewer people were covering the costs Medicare Part B premiums, increases were significantly higher than usual. … Continued

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When the Social Security Administration receives wage reports from employers with Social Security numbers and names that don't match those on file, the reports go into an Earnings Suspense File until they can be reconciled with the rightful owner -- which can occur years later when an application for benefits is received. Over the past ten years for which data is available the Social Security Administration has received, on average, more than 9.5 million suspicious wage reports annually representing more than billion per year in wages. "And it's the wages that are used to determine benefits, not the amount of taxes paid in," Hyland notes..Here is why we say that..Can You Live On Social Security Alone? … Continued

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