The Congressional Budget Office estimates the House GOP's American Health Care Act that passed in the House cuts federal spending on Medicaid by 4 billion over ten years, a funding cut of 25%. The Senate's health care bill would cut Medicaid even more deeply, by using a more slowly-growing inflation index to adjust reimbursements to states..In fact, according to research by The Senior Citizens League, homeowner's insurance has grown 199 percent since 2000, making it one of the fastest growing costs that retirees face, second only to prescription drug costs. Joe reports that his homeowners and car insurance have increased every renewal period over the past two years. His homeowner's premiums rose from ,284 a year to ,566, an increase of 22 percent. Joe's auto insurance premiums increased 0 over the last four renewal periods, which are every six months, despite no tickets or accidents. Government subsidized FEMA flood insurance this year increased 7.4%..The CBO estimated that, the American Health Care Act, introduced in March, would cut federal spending on Medicaid by nearly 0 billion over the 2017 2026 period. The CBO estimated that, by 2026, Medicaid spending would be about 25 percent less than projected under current law, yet Medicaid spending growth would exceed the rate of growth of the inflation adjustment. "With costs growing faster than reimbursements, states would have to come up with the money in some other way or be forced to cut services, restrict eligibility for enrollment or otherwise ration care," says Johnson.".The record low COLAs in recent years that haven't stopped politicians in Washington from proposing more reductions by using the more slowly- growing "chained" CPI, to calculate COLAs. According to TSCL's online "Chained COLA" calculator, over the first 10 years alone a ,000 per month benefit would lose about ,555 in growth under the proposal..What that means, in plain language, is the President is suggesting that for an unspecified "short term," taxes paid by workers into the Social Security system be suspended, further weakening the Social Security system..We must provide the basic benefits that our seniors count on, regardless of the ups and downs of the economy. In addition to my legislative proposal, I co-sponsored Congressman Earl Pomeroy's Seniors Protection Act, which would have provided a 0 payment to help beneficiaries cover rising costs of Medicare, prescription drugs, and other necessaries. Unfortunately, despite the President already budgeting for it, the House of Representatives did not enact this one-time payment to seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities who receive Social Security to help them make ends meet during this tough time. This payment would have assisted those 54 million vulnerable individuals nationwide. However, this would have been just a short - term solution to the lack of COLA. I will continue to fight to make sure that Congress passes a long-term solution to the manner in which the COLA is calculated.."Should Social Security's Cost-of Living Adjustment Be Changed?" National Academy of Social Insurance, April 2011..and would reduce the tax on Social Security benefits for older taxpayers with incomes below ,000, and 0,000..Lawmakers in Washington had mixed reactions to Judge Hanen's injunction. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said, "Today's victory is an important one, but the fight to reverse the President's unconstitutional overreach is not over. The President must respect the rule of law and fully obey the court's ruling." Meanwhile, Representative Luis Gutierrez called the injunction a simple "bump in the road." He stated: "The administration intends to take this to the highest court in the nation, where we know justice and fairness will prevail on this executive order."

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Eligibility criteria vary according to the type of benefit. The amount of benefits is determined by things such as the worker's earning record, age when the benefit was started, and other factors. For more information about whether you might be eligible for any of the above types of benefits visit or call Social Security toll-free 772-1213..In fact, unlike the surtax on high earners, this 3.8% net investment tax was not even a specific provision of Affordable Care Act. It was a provision of a separate bill, the Health Care Education and Reconciliation Act of 2010 which was passed about two days after the Affordable Care Act. By setting up the revenues so that they would flow to the General Fund, Congress by-passed earmarking those revenues for the Medicare Part A or Part B Trust Fund. That also means that, when those revenues are used for other purposes, the Medicare Trust Funds are not earning any interest from the federal government for the use of those funds..Genetic testing is not routinely used by doctors to screen for cancer. Here's how the scam works - The "target" might receive automated phone calls, often multiple times a week, or may be approached in-person by a "recruiter." The recruiter, who may present herself as a "certified Medicare counselor," convinces the target to take a genetic test promising that Medicare pays the full cost. The patient, however, often never receives a report, or the report may be incomprehensible. … Continued

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Second, every two years, the Taskforce will submit a report to Congress outlining trends and innovations that are impacting the investment for senior investors. This will keep a cop on the beat to make sure we keep up with changes in financial scams. The report will also include recommendations for changes to rules of the SEC or other organizations, and any legislative actions needed to resolve senior investors' problems..years, seniors participating in TSCL surveys say they are putting off visits to.We hope you will use these points and contact your own Senators and Representatives and tell them you are absolutely opposed to any payroll tax cut. … Continued

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